Expert Insights - SAP Security FAQ's

Our consultants have put together a comprehensive list of common enquiries and responses to SAP security issues to help with basic troubleshooting and simple problem solving. These expert insights also provide useful background data to IT administrators about to start an SAP initiative.

If you have a question which is not listed here, please contact us. Your inquiry will be addressed by one of our consultants as promptly as possible.

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Turnkey Consulting helps a global beverage can manufacturer achieve the benefits of upgrading to SAP Access Control 10.1

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4 Feb 2016

Data security – a barrier to GRC as a service?




When it comes to security of data, I believe it important to split the discussion between cloud and managed services. With cloud, there isn’t really a difference in traditional on-premise deployments. Regardless of whether the solution is hosted in your own data centre or someone else’s data centre, the requirements for securing the information remains the same. Business critical applications have been hosted in cloud based servers for many years and with the right level of encryption, this can be equally secure as a physical server.

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