Can I install SAP GRC on my current system, or do I need to buy additional hardware?

There are a number of different versions of GRC which have different hardware requirements, but -

  • In all likelihood you will be able to install the software on your systems if you are on SAP 4.7 / ECC5 and above.
  • It would always also be advisable to perform some hardware sizing exercise, partially to measure expected performance impact on your current systems.
  • There are a range of options here, and this will depend in part on your comfort with Java systems.

There is some hardware sizing material available from SAP Marketplace (Quicksizer) which is not a bad place to start in sizing you requirements.

The best way to do this is probably to contact an experienced SAP GRC consultant, who can advise on requirements over the lifecycle of your implementation, as well as talk you through the risks / benefits of different approaches.