Turnkey's Partner Network

The Turnkey Consulting strategic partner network consists of selected organizations that complement our service offering, allowing us to meet any SAP security or GRC challenge. The organizations we partner with are strictly best in class, ensuring that we deliver a complete solution for our clients whilst maintaining our dedication to providing the best possible service. If you are interested in partnering with Turnkey Consulting, or would like further information about the companies we currently work with, please contact us




Our partnership ensures client project success and reduced implementation risks Turnkey Consulting is an SAP Value Added Reseller with SAP Validated expertise in SAP GRC solutions in the UK, and accredited for SAP Active Quality Management

Turnkey strives to achieve the highest standards of accreditation for product and delivery services and client satisfaction. This ensures that clients can be confident that Turnkey can take complete ownership of their SAP GRC project, from procurement through to delivery. Achieving these accreditations means that Turnkey Consulting has high implementation standards ensuring project success and ultimately high levels of client satisfaction

Turnkey Consulting also works alongside, or on behalf of, SAP's GRC's presales team, supporting the sales cycle with SAP to ensure that our clients understand exactly what the product is capable of from the outset of the project. We are the SAP GRC experts and gain early exposure to new products ensuring reduced risk on any SAP implementation.

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and industries run better



The most successful blue chip clients can reap the benefits of a complete end-to-end security review across their critical business systems

Together we have developed an end-to-end security review using appropriate technical testing methods that covers applications, networks, infrastructure, database and SAP. Outputs can include a comparison against documented standards to help drive an optimal Security strategy

By working with Turnkey and Context Information Systems jointly, clients can be confident that their Security strategy and engagement fulfils complex system security requirements, that could often be overlooked; that they are being proactive in protecting against evolving threats, and that they can do so in a flexible & reliable way, ensuring that they can respond to rapidly changing needs

Context's client base has grown steadily over the years, thanks in large part to personal recommendations from existing clients who value them as business partners. Their success is based on the value their clients place on their product-agnostic, holistic approach; the way we work closely with them to develop a tailored service; and the independence, integrity and technical skills of their consultants



Greenlight Technologies is a leading provider of risk and regulatory compliance solutions

The SAP Solutions by Greenlight provide an enterprise-wide approach to effectively manage regulatory change and quantify the impact of financial and operational risk

Our unique ability to integrate with and correlate data across multiple business applications, coupled with powerful analytics aimed at business users, delivers enterprise visibility of risk exposure and regulatory compliance from a single platform



Turnkey Consulting provide services to Xoomworks clients whenever there are security requirements around specific procurement challenges

 Xoomworks and Turnkey Consulting are also working with senior stakeholders to drive greater value from their technology investments in the area of Mobile Security and Business Intelligence. Xoomworks leads the field in Business Intelligence

They have over 10 years’ experience in Business Objects and over 70% of their technical consultants have previously worked at SAP BusinessObjects in senior expert roles

Xoomworks is a certified practitioner on SAP BusinessObjects and HANA, and have excellent connections across SAP organisation. With a deep understanding of SAP BusinessObjects, they have implemented SAP Business Intelligence solutions across large enterprises worldwide



Cost of code rework significantly reduced, and system performance & quality increased.Turnkey Consulting partner with Virtual Forge to offer two products to our clients – CodeProfiler, the leading code scanning tool for SAP ABAP Code, and SystemProfiler, which validates that an organization’s SAP System configuration is secure

Turnkey Consulting have recommended Virtual Forge products to several clients because it helps them to get a better understand of the security, compliance and quality risks in their code base, and when any new code is developed, it is validated so that only secure code gets deployed into production. By implementing Virtual Forge products, companies produce secure code right from the start which means that the cost of code rework is significantly reduced, and system performance as well as system quality is increased

Also the company can be complied with security guidelines and government standards. Virtual Forge offers high quality products that support companies increase security and quality of their SAP systems and applications in a significant way


Identify threats for clients, and harden their SAP systems against those threats. Translate technical security language into a language that the SAP team can understand

We believe that, out of a number of tools that provide vulnerability assessment, Onapsis provide the leading tool for SAP systems, being 100% focused on SAP and SAP certified. Using Onapsis, Turnkey consulting can identify threats for clients, and harden their SAP systems against those threats. Turnkey Consulting also translates the technical security language into a language that the SAP team can understand

Onapsis Inc. is the leading provider of ERP cyber-security solutions. Our solutions empower information security and audit professionals to understand and efficiently mitigate the cyber security risks affecting their SAP and Oracle business platforms, preventing espionage, sabotage and financial fraud attacks while streamlining compliance with internal and regulatory requirements