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What training & skills are most important for team members of a SAP GRC project?

Turnkey's response...

As this is relatively new technology and a slightly different approach to responsibility for Security there is a lot of confusion over skills your core project team will need.

  • Project management skills, and preferably some experience of GRC would come top of the list of key skills. Project success tends to depend as much on knowing what doesn’t need to be done as what does need to be done.
  • Good understanding of general Risk management, as GRC projects are aimed at a far more integrated approach than managing SAP Security by itself.
  • Reasonable understanding of SAP Security is preferable, but this really only has to be a basic understanding
  • More important is a good understanding of SAP Business Processes, and in particular how they used in your environment.

If you would like more advice please get in touch and we can discuss the key skills required, and map out a training plan for your team members.


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