How can I improve the performance of my HR Structural Authorisations?

The performance of SAP HR Structural Authorisations can be significantly improved by indexing the structural authorisations.

The following programs are involved in the optimisation process.

RHBAUS00 (transaction S_PH0_48000110) – Builds the structural authorisations into SAP Memory (table INDX) for users with an entry in table T77UU.

RHBAUS01 (transaction S_PH0_48000111) – Removes users with no entry in T77UU from the indexing table INDX.

RHBAUS02 (transaction S_PH0_48000112) – Add or removes users from the table T77UU.

The performance of the indexing program itself can sometimes be an issue for companies with a large organisational structure or with a lot of personnel records. Appraisal objects (BA) often tend to make up a large proportion of the structural population returned by a users' structural authorisations so it is often advisable to explore options other than using structural authorisations to return these. This can make it difficult to use P_HAP_DOC to restrict appraisals using the context sensitive option. A BADI is available as an alternative.