How does SAP GRC integrate with our existing Systems?

The basic integration will normally be through Java Connectors to all of your production environment SAP systems, but there is a lot of flexibility and a range of target systems covered:-

  • Compliant User Provisioning (Access Enforcer) in particular will integrate into LDAP’s.
  • GRC can also connect to other ERP systems such as Oracle / JDE etc.
  • GRC Integrates / complements SAP AIS.
  • GRC Uses the Netweaver platform, so integrates with User Management Engine functionality.
  • There is integration with SAP’s Netweaver Identity Management solution.
  • Integrates to Cisco systems.

There are a lot of potential integration points from your existing solutions into the various GRC tools, from Portals to LAN IDs.

As it is based on Netweaver there is great potential to integrate with almost any platform, though you need to manage any serious customisation like this carefully.