How often will we need to audit our SAP system?

If your company has to undergo an annual statutory financial audit then it is likely that at least some elements of the SAP system will be reviewed by the external auditors as part of this process. Therefore, it may be a good idea to perform an internal audit of your SAP system earlier in the year to ensure the system controls are working as expected and uncover any weaknesses, and perform subsequent remediation activities, prior to the external audit taking place.

In addition, the timing and frequency of internal audit reviews do not have to be governed by the external audit. An organisation may be highly motivated to demonstrate a strong internal control environment to their staff and shareholders and so perform smaller more frequent reviews throughout the year with each audit focusing on specific elements of the SAP system.

Alternatively, a system upgrade or significant development may be the catalyst for an ad hoc review to ensure that existing system controls have not been adversely affected, or that new controls have been implemented where required.