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  • Implementing_an_SAP_GRC_Access_Control_10.0_solution_to_improve_internal_control-med.pngSolution tailored to client’s best interests: Turnkey Consulting took time to understand the context in which the technology would be used and gave Infineum strategic advice on how to implement the solution for maximum effectiveness
  • Cost savings due to expert advice: Turnkey advised Infineum to go ahead and implement version 10 rather than finish the project they had been working on in version 5.3.
  • Speed of implementation: Turnkey helped to get the project live within a couple of months ensuring that the original work in version 5.3 was not wasted and enabling Infineum to begin role remediation activities in preparation for the next phase of the project.
  • Solid audit trail ensures compliance: The access controls solution provides Infineum with a very streamlined emergency access process.


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