Forthcoming Training Events

Key Training

Turnkey delivers trainings covering topics across SAP security, auditing and GRC. These trainings focus on working with our clients to transfer knowledge and expertise. This underlines our commitment to provide sustainable and long term value to our clients.

Some of the key highlights of our training services are as follows:

  • Covers end-to-end SAP security including security in both technical and functional aspects
  • Covers security from various perspectives – SAP security implementation, compliance as well as auditing
  • Covers various SAP products such as ECC, GRC, BI, CRM, HANA, etc.

Turnkey conducts regular public trainings, which are open to any individual. Some of the common areas covered in such trainings are:

  • Authorizations and Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • Business process controls in various processes such as accounting, HR, inventory, purchasing, and sales.
  • Implementing SAP GRC Access Control
  • Auditing SAP GRC Access Control
  • SAP BASIS and IT general controls
  • SAP BI security
  • Implementing SAP GRC Process Control

Turnkey also delivers corporate trainings – such trainings are customizable and can be tailored to the participants' knowledge and expectations.

Who should attend Turnkey trainings?

Our trainings are of great value to anyone interested in learning SAP security and controls. We customize our training content based on the participant's background. We have delivered customized trainings for people from various professional backgrounds including

  • IT/ SAP security professionals
  • IT/ SAP auditing professionals
  • Internal audit professionals
  • SAP managers facing security challenges
  • Senior management who want to understand SAP security
  • SAP help desk team
  • Enterprise/ SAP risk management professionals
  • Compliance professionals
  • SAP BASIS administrators
  • SAP functional consultants

Why attend Turnkey trainings?

As more and more organizations use SAP to support their business processes, there is a growing need for SAP security & controls professional. A large number of organizations also use SAP GRC products to support their governance, risk and compliance functions. Global demand for SAP security, auditing and GRC professionals is increasing and our trainings provide you with the knowledge and expertise to become one.

Our trainings cover key concepts in SAP security, auditing and GRC. The training includes live demo and hands-on exercises to assist participant in applying the learning.

We have conducted similar trainings multiple times in past and continuously update our content to reflect changes in SAP security and controls features.

Some of the benefits of attending our trainings are as follows:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of SAP security, auditing and GRC functionalities
  • Simulate real life scenarios
  • Real-time demos and exercises to demonstrate key concepts
  • Complementary SAP security, auditing and GRC aids