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Tom Venables

Tom Venables

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What a systems integrator may not explain about S/4 HANA security

by Tom Venables on 14 May 2019

With the clock ticking on the 2025 deadline, more and more SAP customers are preparing to move away from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA. And while six years to ‘upgrade’ to a new system might sound like a ...

How to Enable More Growth by Taking More Risk with More Control

by Tom Venables on 19 August 2016

In an era where change across all aspects of business is accelerating, the ability to adapt and grow separates the best companies from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, this can be hampered by ...

Least Privilege: Stand Up For Your Principles!

by Tom Venables on 21 January 2016

One of the most ubiquitous terms in information security, the principle of least privilege is used in SAP just as much as it is applied across other IT systems.

Do You Have Trust Issues?

by Tom Venables on 6 August 2015

Security is all about trust. Many organisations talk about trust in various ways, especially where systems and processes intersect. Trust in people, in processes and in the accuracy of data are all ...

Unlocking Management Information - Part 4

by Tom Venables on 7 January 2015

The final principle of secure and compliant data provisioning is: only present the reports to correct groups of users.

Unlocking Management Information - Part 3

by Tom Venables on 15 December 2014

Up to now, we have looked at understanding the purpose of an MI system and some options for transforming and securing sensitive data. In this piece, we will look at storing data in a way which ...

Unlocking Management Information - Part 2

by Tom Venables on 29 August 2014

In the previous installment, I described the need to clearly understand the purpose of a Business Intelligence (BI) platform used for management information and to manage the expectations placed on ...

Security Engagement

by Tom Venables on 18 August 2014

When should security get involved in a project? The short answer to this is: as early in the project as possible!

Unlocking Information In BW

by Tom Venables on 22 July 2012

BW systems present some very specific challenges when authorising access to data, so for this series I want to talk about some of the key points of control to consider. The first of these, as you ...

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