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SAP Process Control & Risk Management 10.1 support package update

Posted by Jan Gardiner on 17 August 2017
Jan Gardiner

Here are a few examples of recent enhancements delivered in support packages for SAP Process Control and SAP Risk Management solutions. 

Business rule parameter improvements

SAP Process Control’s popular business rule parameter functionality introduced back in SP10 has undergone further enhancement to make it even more useful for those doing continuous control monitoring (CCM).  As of SP17, it’s now available also for the segregation of duties subscenario to make it easier to share business rules that pull data from SAP Access Control.  It can also use business rule parameters for HANA input parameters.  We have also added some buttons to make it easier to work with the organization hierarchy for the business rule parameters.  So, if you are doing CCM and you haven’t investigated using business rule parameters to more easily share rules across different organizations, now is a good time to investigate. 


Enable report filter, sort and calculation in ALV grid

OK, we realize that not everyone outputs reporting to the ALV grid, preferring use of the prettier SAP Crystal Reports instead.  But you know there are things you can do with the ALV grid that you cannot do with Crystal without customization?  Well, personalizing the column selections is one of many, and we have just added another ALV benefit. 

As of SP18, you can now add, save, and share views that contain filters, sorting, and even calculation options.  The key is this: you must go into the report from the configuration mode (by adding the URL parameter sap-config-mode to the normal URL for the SAP NetWeaver Business Client).  Then run the report, click the settings button, add the various settings, and save the view as a new name. You will be prompted for a transport.  Multiple views can be created and then made available to other users. 

In addition, the Risk Heatmap displays the total inherent and residual losses for the business as well as a summary of risks ranked by their impact and probabilities. With the Risk Heatmap enhancement, can configure a new switch to define the selection parameters of the Heatmap report.  For example, you can define the default activity, risk category, and other selection parameters. (SP17)


Usability enhancements

We are always looking for customer feedback to make Process Control and Risk Management easier to use.  As a result of this feedback, we’ve added some other small enhancements such as:

  • In the Planner, there is now an easier selection of organizations using “available” and “selected” sections (SP17).
  • In PC you can retire central control and related local controls all at once, provided there are no transactions for them in the timeframe (SP17).
  • You can now make the ad hoc issue owner field mandatory (optional—configurable in the IMG) to bypass routing to an issue administrator because of a missing owner (SP18).
  • Ad hoc issues can now be raised for regulation requirements instead of just for regulations (SP18).
  • For performance of manual controls (added originally in SP11) you can now add links as evidence instead of just attachments (SP18).
  • Organization units and risks associated with key risk indicator instances have been added to Risk Management’s Planner selection screen to allow you to better identify and select desired KRIs (SP17).
  • Risk templates can now be created directly from a risk proposal (and ad-hoc risk escalation) to facilitate the creation of risk templates (SP 17).
  • Incident management - Central and local controls from Process Control can now be uploaded and/or downloaded in the risk responses to allow you to leverage the integration between Process Control and Risk Management (SP17).
  • Incident management – You can record qualitative impact levels and aggregate qualitative losses based on configurations. E.g. Max, Average, or no aggregation (Single) (SP18).
  • Risk Management’s dynamic terminology customization has been enhanced to support Fiori apps. For example: You can define and display residual risks as gross risks in Fiori apps (SP18).


And much more

Once again, above are only a selected sample of the new features and functionalities added in SP17 and SP18.  For a complete list, check out the master notes which include the full list:

  • Master Note: 2408700 – SAP Process Control 10.1 Support Package 17
  • Master Note: 2448049 – SAP Process Control 10.1 Support Package 18
  • Master Note: 2408670 – SAP Risk Management 10.1 Support Package 17
  • Master Note: 2448103 – SAP Risk Management 10.1 Support Package 18

We’ll be back in a few months with an update on what’s happening with Process Control and Risk Management, so keep watching this space. 

Jan Gardiner, is Solution Owner for SAP Process Control, and James Chiu, Solution Owner for SAP Risk Management

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