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Avoiding security remediation in SAP S/4 HANA projects

by Cavan Arrowsmith on 20 September 2019

Given the significant investment and commitment required by an organisation to roll-out SAP S/4 HANA, the need to ensure the new environment is clean and secure from day one is paramount. That way ...

The security risks of increased mobility with SAP S/4 HANA

by Andrew Morris on 21 June 2019

The introduction of S/4 HANA is a major game-changer for SAP, as it offers a solution that’s designed to meet the challenges and requirements of the digital economy. And as 2025 marks the deadline to ...

Managing SAP's automated access termination process

by Chris Harmour on 18 February 2019

Companies across the globe all face similar issues when it comes to effectively managing the termination of access to IT applications when an employee/contractor has the left the organisation. 

Why you need to upgrade from SAP IDM 7.2 to 8.0

by Henrik Madsen on 22 October 2018

SAP Identity Management (IDM) 7.2 has reached the end of life, with maintenance for this version of the software set to be withdrawn by the end of 2018. With no extended support available thereafter, ...

Preparing in the face of ongoing uncertainty

by Louise Barber with Paul Lloyd-Smith on 12 October 2018

Turnkey and SAP are currently working with organisations both in the UK and further afield to better prepare for this impactful change in the political makeup of the European Union,  as well as the ...

Just owning SAP GRC is not enough

by Andreas Fritz on 25 September 2018

Many companies have made the news lately: Their systems have been corrupted, their data has been leaked, their money has been stolen. There has been many prominent cases in recent years and probably ...

Five key benefits of SAP GRC 12.0

by Simon Persin on 5 July 2018

The new risk management suite, SAP GRC 12.0 has been available since March 2018 and with its launch came a firm commitment from SAP that SAP GRC on-premise will see continued investment.

SAP S/4 HANA security considerations

by Simon Persin on 21 June 2018

This article appeared in E-3 Magazine International on 19th June 2018. E-3 Magazine International, independent SAP trends, analyses, strategies and in-depth reports from business and IT.

[PRESS RELEASE] Turnkey provides exclusive review of the new SAP GRC 12.0

by Press Release on 9 March 2018

Turnkey provides exclusive review of the new SAP GRC 12.0 Hosts webinar with SAP’s Chris Johnston – Tuesday 13 March As speculation about SAP’s GRC 12.0 increases, Turnkey Consulting will provide the ...

[PRESS RELEASE] Turnkey Consulting pioneers new format presentation at GRC2018

by Press Release on 12 February 2018

 Turnkey will be offering insight into compliance and data privacy legislation at this years SAP Insider’s Las Vegas event. Turnkey Consulting has been selected to trial the new Impact 20 ...

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