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Wem geben Sie (Cloud) Zugriff auf Ihre Daten

by Heinrich Wilking on 14 December 2018

  …Ein Überblick über die aktuelle IdM und Access Governance Situation… Nur sehr wenige Unternehmen können sich dem Digitalisierungstrend entziehen, der durch neue IT-Strategien und eine wachsende ...

The Top 5 signs you need a role re-design

by Chris Harmour on 8 November 2017

Consumers purchase cars to have the freedom to travel between destinations at will. However, cars require regular servicing to keep them running reliably and optimally. The frequency and type of ...

Do as I say, or do as I do? Managing risk in the professional services sector

by Simon Persin on 7 August 2017

Running an organisation in a compliant manner is becoming a far more complex challenge. Regardless of the industry sector or size of the business, many organisations are finding that audit ...

Is Investment in IT Security Tangible ROI or merely an insurance policy?

by Richard Hunt on 5 July 2016

It is difficult to articulate ROI on IT security. It is a bit like wearing a protective equipment when motorcycle racing: there are regulatory reasons why you need to do it, along with personal ...

The importance of an integrated approach to GRC across your enterprise

by Marc Jackson on 29 April 2016

It is imperative that organisations are aware of risks associated with their business. This is not purely for the purpose of mitigation, as there is always a fine balance to be struck between both ...

Controls Automation – Controls Terminology And Traditional Controls - Part 1

by Marc Jackson on 2 October 2015

Following Marc Jackson’s  insightful webinar on Controls Automation in the next 3 blogs we will , the terminology, the new breed of Controls walk you through using Controls Automation

SAP GRC 2014, Orlando

by Richard Hunt on 4 April 2014

Last week I attended the US based SAP GRC conference for the eighth year in a row and this year it was back to where it all started for us, Orlando Florida.

Raising The Bar In Data Protection

by Richard Hunt on 24 August 2013

The European Union is currently undertaking an overhaul of its Data Protection regime with the EU Directive (95/46/EC) being repealed in favor of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). ...

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