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How to change the cost ownership of your business risk management

by Simon Persin on 27 July 2016

  Who owns your risk management function? For many companies this seemingly simple question is difficult to answer. For those lucky enough to have an enterprise risk management function, the answer ...

Is Investment in IT Security Tangible ROI or merely an insurance policy?

by Richard Hunt on 5 July 2016

It is difficult to articulate ROI on IT security. It is a bit like wearing a protective equipment when motorcycle racing: there are regulatory reasons why you need to do it, along with personal ...

Turnkey’s GRC 2016 Preview

by Richard Hunt on 17 June 2016

Here's a quick overview of some of the topics we’re really excited to be speaking about at GRC 2016 in Vienna.

Are Three Lines of Defence Enough? Introducing the Fourth Line of Defence

by Simon Persin on 16 June 2016

When it comes to enterprise risk management, the phrase “three lines of defence” is often heard. I have been in many situations, where experienced practitioners have sagely nodded along yet, shortly ...

9 GRC Strategic Must Haves For 2016

by Simon Persin on 3 June 2016

In an environment of increasing focus on business risk connected to governance, regulation and compliance, how do you get the most from your GRC strategy in 2016?

The importance of an integrated approach to GRC across your enterprise

by Marc Jackson on 29 April 2016

It is imperative that organisations are aware of risks associated with their business. This is not purely for the purpose of mitigation, as there is always a fine balance to be struck between both ...

Bringing Technology into the Boardroom

by Richard Hunt on 22 April 2016

In the SAP world 2016 is all about the ‘Digital Enterprise’ and in my opinion one of their most interesting innovations in this area is the Digital Boardoom.

Learn why surveys are essential in your toolset for gaining assurance over internal controls

by Marc Jackson on 15 April 2016

Internal controls are (or at least should be) implemented for a specific reason – to mitigate risks. Organisations that are risk conscious strive to provide transparency over the continued ability of ...

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