SAP GRC Identity Management (IDM)

What is SAP IDM?

Knowing who your users are and what access they have across you IT landscape (including SAP and non-SAP applications) at any given point in time is critical for organisations to remain in control. Having the ability to automatically create user accounts, provision and de-provision access centrally based on your organisational processes and rules provides a wealth of benefits, but requires a robust, established solution.

SAP IDM - The Turnkey Solution

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management is a complete User Lifecycle Management solution that works across multiple systems and platforms. A successful SAP IdM implementation should:

  • Significantly reduce the administrative cost of provisioning and de-provisioning users
  • Significantly reduce time taken to grant access 
  • Remove the need for your IT department to interpret and make judgement calls on management access requests 
  • Integrate seamlessly with your HR data and events (SAP HCM for example) and eliminate the need for data re-entry (single source of truth)
  • Deliver a workflow based user administration that integrates with your Governance, Risk and Compliance (SAP GRC) solution to ensure compliant user provisioning
  • Embed the SAP business role concept and related business controls
  • Remove risk of access accumulation as employees positions change over time
  • Eliminate untimely terminations processes and the need for reactive user access reviews
  • Provide management with a centralised view of access to all IT application assets

A proven capability

Turnkey Consulting has already helped a number of clients to realise the full benefits of implementing SAP Identity Management through seamless HR event integration. We can further assist you in achieving your identity management objectives through:

  • Business Case development
  • Rapid deployment of Proof of Concept solutions
  • Developing and deploying a migration strategy from your existing centralised user management (CUA) solution
  • Architecture & Design development
  • Consulting on process integration given our extensive knowledge of both SAP HR and SAP GRC processes 
  • Review of your existing solution against best practice

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