What is Segregation of Duties?

The term Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a security principle which aims to prevent fraud and errors by disseminating the tasks and associated privileges for a specific business process among multiple users. This ensures a user does not have control over an end-to-end process without any additional user intervention.

In SAP it is possible to achieve segregation of duties by controlling and monitoring access rights of users, to ensure a single user cannot execute two or more conflicting transactions. To do this, firstly a set of rules will need to be created to identify those incompatible functions which pose a risk and need to be reviewed (e.g. Post Journal Entries AND Maintain GL Master Data). Secondly, the corresponding access in SAP needs to be mapped to the individual functions so that those users with access to incompatible functions (known as ‘SoD conflicts’) can be identified and remediated as required.