What will be the resource and time commitment for an SAP audit?

The precise resource and time commitment of an SAP audit will depend entirely on the scale of the audit proposed. As a guide each of the 3 main types of review (SAP Basis, SAP Business Process & SAP SoD Review) will take approx. 10–15 days for an auditor/consultant to perform.

Although the time commitment of resources from management will be minimal, there will be a requirement for their input in order to set up the auditor/consultant with the appropriate initial access to the system (and grant additional access where required during the audit). In addition, the auditor/consultant will need to discuss with management the procedural aspects of SAP administration (e.g. user administration, change management etc) and test the operating effectiveness of these processes which will require some evidence gathering by management.

Lastly, the findings will need to be discussed and validated before issuing a final report outlining strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. Therefore, input from client management (i.e. SAP Basis Manager, SAP Transport Manager, SAP Business Process Analyst etc) will be approx. a third of the total man days required for the audit (e.g. if the review took an auditor/consultant 15 days to complete a review then management would need to contribute approx. 5 days worth of resource time).