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Beyond the Application: A Cyber Security Conference by Turnkey

All sessions available on-demand

On Thursday 1st July 2021, we hosted Beyond the Application: A Cyber Security Conference by Turnkey, where were joined by expert speakers from BP, SAP, Howdens and more.

The sessions focused on how those responsible for SAP security can look beyond the application, and proactively protect themselves from threats outside the SAP estate. All sessions were recorded, and available to watch on-demand.

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(KEY RESOURCES) SAP Cyber Security - how does it work_

[UPCOMING WEBINAR] SAP Cyber Security - how does it work?

In the past 12 months, cyber-attacks have become more common and more threatening, and that includes attacks on business-critical SAP applications. Nevertheless, many businesses don't have SAP Cyber Security in place as they think they don't have the resources, or that it's too complicated to implement.


[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] 2021 SAP Identity & Access Management Survey: What we found

This webinar reviewed the findings of our SAP Identity and Access Management Survey, which sought to establish the extent of this problem, and the impact it can have on the management of risk across the enterprise.


[REPORT] SAP Privileged Access Management Survey Report 2021

78% of SAP customers said they do not have full visibility of privileged accounts within their SAP estate - potentially leaving large parts of their infrastructure vulnerable to fraud or external attack.

In this report, we analyse the results of the SAP Privileged Access Management Survey and explore how SAP users can improve their Privileged Access Management so it is more robust and secure.


[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] SAP Privileged Access Management Survey: What did we find?

In this on-demand webinar, we explore the findings of our SAP Privileged Access Management Survey 2021, run in conjunction with CyberArk.

We also break down what the results will mean for IAM teams in the next 12 months - and how the management of privileged access can be improved across the SAP estate, and beyond.

Preparing for UK_EU SOX

[EBOOK] How you can prepare for UK/EU SOX

In April 2021, we held a one-day virtual Integrated Risk Management Forum, with expert speakers from Siemens, SAP, ServiceNow and more.

In this eBook, we summarise the findings from that event, and outline how organisations can take a more proactive and automated approach to risk management in the future.

SAP Security Survey Report 2021_Page_01

[REPORT] SAP Security Survey Report 2021

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey with more than 100 SAP customers worldwide, which explored views on the vulnerability of SAP systems to external threats and consequently revealed insights into several other elements of SAP security.

In this report, produced in conjunction with Onapsis, we summarise the findings of the survey, cover how complacency affects organisations' level of defence, and identify how SAP customers can protect themselves from external threats.


[ON-DEMAND WEBINAR] SAP Security Survey 2021: What did we find?

In this webinar, we provided an early look at the findings of our 2021 SAP Security Survey, run in conjunction with Onapsis. Specifically, our specialists covered why it's now vital that organisations look beyond roles and authorisations, and consider SAP security in the context of the wider cybersecurity landscape.


[ON-DEMAND SESSIONS] The 2021 Integrated Risk Management Forum

At this one-day virtual forum, we were joined by leading integrated risk management professionals from Siemens, SAP, and more. 

You can now watch all the sessions on-demand, which explore how organisations can have a more agile, pragmatic, and integrated approach to risk, and effectively prepare for the emergence of UK/EU SOX.

TKSAP S_4 HANA Security- Assessing the risk of best practice roles 17-1-21 German Version_Page_01

[REPORT] SAP Security Research Report 2021

Over half of SAP customers have areas of their estate which could require urgent security remediation. In this guide, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the risk that SAP's “best practice” roles can pose.

KEY RESOURCES On-demand SailPoint webinar 20_01

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] How to manage Identity and Access in your SAP estate

In this panel-style webinar in partnership with our strategic partner, SailPoint, we discussed how to manage Identity and Access in your SAP estate, helping you improve security, reduce risk and drive digital transformation.

ON DEMAND SAP Pitfalls Webinar (Key resources)-1

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] The three biggest pitfalls in SAP S/4 HANA implementations

In this 15-minute coffee break webinar, Turnkey's Cyber & Applications Practice Director, Tom Venables, explored the three biggest pitfalls in SAP S/4 HANA implementations - and how you can avoid them.

SAP S_4 HANA pitfalls, considerations recommendations

[EBOOK] SAP S/4 HANA Security: Pitfalls, Considerations and Recommendations

In this eBook, we take a detailed look into the security implications which come with both greenfield and brownfield deployment methods of SAP S/4 HANA, and the easily avoidable pitfalls which slow down the migration process for many users.

ON DEMAND IRM broaden the lense Webinar (Key resources)-1

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] How to broaden the lens of Integrated Risk Management for the risks of today, and tomorrow

Risk management professionals are facing a greater number of threats than ever before. In this expert panel webinar, we were joined by risk management experts to discuss how you can broaden your IRM approach to cover all of today's and tomorrow's risks.

GRC 12.0 Webinar Key resources ON DEMAND

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] The clock strikes 12.0: How to streamline your GRC 12.0 upgrade

In this webinar, we were joined by Thomas Frénéhard, Global Finance and Risk CoE, at SAP, to explore how you can streamline your upgrade and take full advantage of GRC 12.0's added functionality after go-live. 

IRM eBook page card-1

[EBOOK] Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Operational and enterprise risks present two very different types of threat to a business, and by managing them in separate silos, a consistent approach to risk management is not possible. In this guide, we'll highlight how to bridge the gap between these risks, and how to deploy a truly integrated approach to risk management.

Telecoms IRM eBook

[EBOOK] Telecommunications Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

You can’t control what you can’t see - and for many Telco companies operating with a traditional, siloed approach to risk management, considerable threats lie hidden and out of sight. In this guide we'll look at how Telecommunications companies can implement IRM in a phased and practical fashion.

CTI eBook

[EBOOK] Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)

The cyber threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and outdated security solutions will no longer cut it. This guide explores what Cyber Threat Intelligence is, and unpacks how it provides practical and efficient security which ensures your systems and data are secure.

IAM in Higher Ed

[EBOOK] Identity & Access Management (IAM) in Higher Education

Higher education institutions have to contend with many Identity & Access Management (IAM) challenges. In this eBook, we explore how the high volume of annual Joiners, Movers and Leavers means that IAM is consistently important for Higher Education institutions to consider.

Risk in Pharma eBook

[EBOOK] Managing risk in the Pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry is not immune to both the short and long term challenges which COVID-19 brings. This eBook is designed to help pharmaceutical companies evaluate their current risk management approaches, and consider what needs to be done to ensure that they thrive in these times of rapid change.

Covid Hub

[ONLINE HUB] COVID-19 Risk & Security Hub

As a risk management company, we want to help those who have concerns about risk and security at this challenging time. So, at the start of lockdown, we launched a security and risk hub for COVID-19, which provides detailed, best practice advice to help you prepare and respond. 


[WEBINAR] Identity Governance for SAP

Register for this webinar, where Turnkey and SailPoint will explore how you can gain end-to-end identity lifecycle and compliance management capabilities - helping you create efficiencies within your business.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 11.05.01-2

[REPORT] SAP Security Research Report

We recently surveyed over 100 senior SAP professionals to get their views on SAP security - more specifically, on their preparedness to implement security in their forthcoming S/4 HANA migrations.

The survey revealed several important findings that will provide invaluable insights for those about to embark on their S/4 HANA journey - or those already underway.

Safety first eBook email thumbnail

[eBOOK] Safety first: Security for SAP S/4 HANA

This very practical guide has been created to help SAP customers understand the new security considerations that come with implementing SAP S/4 HANA. We want you to side-step the mistakes of retrospective security work - so prevalent with past ERP projects. So, while there is still time to plan your migration, this guide will help you do so with security and compliance very much in mind.

[eBOOK] SAP Identity & Access Management Resource page image

[eBOOK] SAP Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a set of principles that, through the use of technology, ensures the right people, get the right access at the right time.

In this eBook we explore why this presents a risk to your organisation, in terms reduced productivity, financial losses, regulatory non-compliance and the threat of cyber attack - helping you build the case for SAP to be included in your next IAM project.

SAP customers and the GDPR in 2020 OD Resource page image

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] SAP customers and the GDPR in 2020

With Data Protection Day 2020 and Brexit both signifying landmark milestones for the GDPR, we wanted to revisit the regulation to see where SAP customers are in their journeys.

So, in our recent webinar we invited James Watson from SAP data specialist, EPI-USE Labs to share his experiences of working with SAP customers - and the best practices they have implemented to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

Integrated Risk Event page image

[eBOOK] Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

In the face of growing and evolving business risks, effective risk management is more essential than ever. It has become an almost mandatory part of global commerce (and indeed it is mandatory for UK businesses under the Companies Act 2006). Quite simply, if you’re not doing risk management properly, then your business is on shaky ground.

PAM eBook event page image

[eBOOK] Protecting your SAP infrastructure with Privileged Access Management

Underlying every SAP application is your SAP infrastructure - the silent and often-unseen support act that allows your application layer to run smoothly.

Today, this infrastructure is a complex web of operating systems, databases, network connections, servers and interfaces, all pushing and pulling data around your business. But while it’s critical to the seamless running of your organisation, it’s often overlooked from a security and risk perspective.

Onapsis webinar Event page image.1

[On demand webinar] SAP Security Today: 5 challenges for CIOs

For IT leaders and those responsible for SAP applications, security has risen up the agenda. SAP environments are more complex than ever and increasingly vulnerable to external threats.

In this guest webinar, we are joined by Markus Schumacher, General Manager at Onapsis who explored the 5 main challenges CIOs and SAP security professionals face - along with his formula for success.


OD ETD Webinar Thumbnail v3

[On demand webinar] How to minimise cyber attacks on SAP applications

In this on-demand webinar, we look at how you can monitor and eliminate threats occurring within the SAP landscape using SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD).

Turnkey’s own security expert, Tom Smith is joined by Paul Lloyd-Smith from SAP’s Office of the CFO to explore some simple use cases including alerting when an attacker creates a new user and managing alert investigations and exemptions.


SAP Cyber Security Thumbnail2

[On demand webinar] The increasing cyber threat to SAP and what to do about it

As SAP landscapes become more and more open - with greater interconnectivity and increased remote access - the threat of external cyber attack on SAP systems increases exponentially.

Watch this on demand webinar to learn more about some of the tools and approaches you can use to minimise the risk.

Robotic GRC Series thumbnail1

Robotic GRC: transforming finance operations with intelligent automation

In this 3-part series, we explore how organisations can reduce the risk of fraud using intelligent automation, how automating systems access greatly improves efficiency through the "joiner, mover leaver process" and how intelligent automation and monitoring can dramatically improve the management of high volume financial transactions.

OD Thumbnail FINAL

[On demand webinar] Identity Management: A governance-based approach

While disparate identity management tools and internal conflicts of ownership serve to exacerbate the challenge, often the biggest issue is a lack of governance. Effective identity and access management combines access provisioning and centralised visibility, with a robust governance model and consistent policy enforcement.
Upgrading SAP GRC 12.0 eBook Resource page image

[Guide] Upgrading to SAP GRC 12.0

This guide will cover how Turnkey can help you maximise the new and improved SAP GRC suite and answer questions such as - Why should you upgrade to SAP GRC 12.0? How do you ensure that all the benefits are realised? How does the upgrade process work?

[Guide] How Integrating SAP Identity Management and SAP GRC can help your business

For SAP customers, the roles of SAP Identity Management and SAP GRC are not always clear - especially the opportunity to integrate these solutions and automate many aspects of the IAM process. This guide, 'How integrating SAP Identity Management and SAP GRC', can help your business explore this issue in greater depth.

[Webinar] Security for SAP S/4 HANA projects

Security with S/4 HANA is very different and you can be vulnerable to new risks. It’s likely that your SAP environment will become more complex, which means more security and access activities to manage and control. Our latest webinar explores these key issues with our guest Patrick Boch from SAP security experts, Virtual Forge.

[Presentation] SAP Finance and GRC Forum

The SAP Forum for Finance Management and GRC was characterized by many very profound lectures, especially about S4/HANA applications. Thack Brown, General Manager and Global Head of LoB Finance, SAP, made an interesting statement in his keynote speech...more can be found in this presentation.

[eBook] Privacy by Design

This eBook provides a high-level summary of Privacy by Design. Using SAP GRC as an example we have also included some thoughts around how GRC tools might be leveraged to support compliance efforts in the areas of - Accountability, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and appropriate technical and organisational measures.

[Webinar] What is coming in SAP GRC 12.0

In this webinar, we discuss the new SAP Access & Process Control, and SAP Risk Management functionality, SAP GRC’s move towards mobile and Fiori Launchpad and the key implementation considerations.


[Webinar] GRC 2018 Las Vegas Roundup

This webinar will cover the following: the main takeaways from the keynote sessions, the latest customer success highlights, the key trends that emerge from the event, such as data privacy and cyber security, other news about SAP’s technology developments.


[Webinar] Leveraging SAP GRC to prepare for the GDRP

In this webinar, Richard Hunt, Managing Director of Turnkey, will examine some key ways you can use SAP to meet your GDPR obligations Among other issues, he’ll explore how to use SAP’s Process and Access Controls to control & monitor access to personal data & conduct Privacy Impact Assessments, use self-assessment for GDPR activities such as evaluating product compliance and more.


[Webinar] GDPR: Data security for SAP BusinessObjects

Focusing specifically on SAP BusinessObjects, the webinar will cover how to ensure careful control of access to personal data, setting up detection and alerts for any data breach, identifying specific data for flagging and removal, archiving, backup, restore and disaster recovery strategies and more.


[Webinar] 5 ways to hack your SAP system with Virtual Forge

Watch Patrick Boch from leading SAP Security solutions company, Virtual Forge explore common vulnerabilities which compromise an SAP system directly, the typical indirect attacks which open the doors to your SAP system landscape and easy strategies to keep attackers out.


[Guide] How to accelerate your GDPR readiness with SAP Process Control

GDPR will dramatically change the way organisations handle personal data - with huge penalties in store for businesses failing to comply. Businesses running SAP ERP systems hold a wide range of personal information and must, therefore, take steps to ensure their SAP environment remains fully secure.  Read the guide for more details.

[Webinar] 'Risk and controls in real life' with Norman Marks

This thought-provoking session explores some fundamental questions. How do we consider risk in our personal and business decisions? How do we use technology and can we do more with it? Do we have controls that we don't even think about? Ultimately, it all comes down to how we can run our business better. Watch the webinar to find out more.


[Webinar] How SAP GRC can accelerate your GDPR readiness

In this webinar, Richard Hunt talks about how to leverage SAP Access Control to ensure personal data access is restricted only to those that need it, integrating Privacy by Design obligations & Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) into your ways of working and implementing new controls, such as DPIA and breach identification/notification. Watch to learn more. 

[Guide] Preparing for the GDPR: a 9-point plan for SAP practitioners

In this practical guide, we lay out a step-by-step implementation approach for SAP GRC practitioners, who’ve been tasked with ensuring their organisation is ready for GDPR. The 9 steps have all been identified as key elements relating to GDPR in an SAP environment, which fall either wholly or partly within the remit of the IT department. They are all based on Turnkey’s extensive project experience in the field, as well as what we regard to be good practice.


[Webinar] The SAP GRC Roadmap

With increased focus on the cloud and user experience, we'll also explore what this means to existing on-premise customers. In this webinar you will learn more about how to move forward with SAP GRC in a hybrid environment, SAP's continuing investments in on-premise SAP GRC, plans to improve the SAP GRC user experience and more.


[Webinar] Managing security & controls in a challenging environment

In this webinar, by Turnkey Consulting’s Simon Persin you will learn about the main external threats targeted at SAP & ERP systems, security in a complex SAP HANA environment, getting more from your GRC systems and where to best focus your limited resources.


[Webinar] Round-up of SAP Insider GRC 2017 Amsterdam

In this webinar, delivered by Turnkey Consulting’s Richard Hunt and Simon Persin you will get the latest updates from the conference including key insights from the speaker sessions, new SAP announcements of GRC products, customer success highlights and the general feeling of the conference.


[Webinar] Round-up of SAP Insider GRC 2017 (Las Vegas)

In this webinar, by Turnkey Consulting’s Simon Persin you will learn about the trends from the speaker sessions, new announcements of products, customer highlights and the general feeling of the conference.


[Guide] SAP GRC managed services

In this thought-provoking guide you will learn about, access SAP GRC from a secure, cloud-based environment, take a continuous approach using a more predictable cost model, relieve the burden of technical support and maintenance and ensure your business is supported by proactive SAP GRC & risk experts. Read our guide to learn more.

[Guide] Is SAP for Mobile secure? Your questions answered

This complete guide will ensure your SAP systems are secure on mobile devices, by recognising increased risk from accessing corporate information with mobile devices, configuring comprehensive network security, user authorisations and user authentications, implementing end user policies to create a culture of shared responsibility and remembering the importance of security as technology becomes more integrated into everyday life.

[Guide] Turnkey's Introduction to Continuous Controls Monitoring

In this thought-provoking guide, you will learn about appreciating some of the major monitoring challenges that businesses face, ensuring complete accuracy and integrity in financial reporting, breaking free of the burdens traditionally associated with control compliance and harnessing the opportunity to achieve a new level of internal control and increased Return on Investment.

Turnkey's Guide to Preventing and Managing Fraud

Discover essential tips on fraud management and prevention with our helpful white paper, including: Identifying underlying causes of increasing levels of fraudulent activities; creating robust internal controls based on a comprehensive review of your business' risk profile; supporting your controls systems with specialised Risk Management Technology; taking a proactive stance against fraud in a more turbulent economic environment

Upgrading to SAP GRC 12.0

With the official launch of SAP GRC 12.0 (on-premise) in March 2018, Turnkey has been able to secure insights into the features and functions of this new release through our close relationships with the GRC Product and Solution Management teams within SAP, as well as being involved in the pre-release validation and testing.

Whilst the understanding of the capabilities of the new product is important, many customers are seeking to understand the impact of any changes and what the likely update, migration and implementation path might look like.


6 Benefits of an Integrated Approach to SAP GRC Access Controls

Discover how an integrated approach to SAP GRC Access Controls will benefit your business, by: Creating a complete audit trail from the outset; developing modern access controls processes and integrated control frameworks; automating process controls to reduce inefficiencies; generating familiarity with the SAP environment