Preparing in the face of ongoing uncertainty

by Louise Barber and Paul LloydSmith on 12 October 2018

Turnkey and SAP are currently working with organisations both in the UK and further afield to better prepare for this impactful change in the political makeup of the European Union,  as well as the ongoing changes in trade agreements ...

Just owning SAP GRC is not enough

by Andreas Fritz on 25 September 2018

Many companies have made the news lately: Their systems have been corrupted, their data has been leaked, their money has been stolen. There has been many prominent cases in recent years and probably many more, which are not made ...

Understanding the role of HR in identity and access management

by Richard Hunt on 27 July 2018

The importance of identity and access management (IAM) has increased dramatically over the last few years. As a result of multiple cloud applications, hybrid enterprise software landscapes and the rise of bring your own device (BYOD), ...

Five key benefits of SAP GRC 12.0

by Simon Persin on 5 July 2018

The new risk management suite, SAP GRC 12.0 has been available since March 2018 and with its launch came a firm commitment from SAP that SAP GRC on-premise will see continued investment.

Key security considerations for SAP S/4 HANA projects

by Simon Persin on 21 June 2018

This article appeared in E-3 Magazine International on 19th June 2018. E-3 Magazine International, independent SAP trends, analyses, strategies and in-depth reports from business and IT.

Pragmatism - the Light at the End of the Shadowy GDPR Tunnel

by Sarah Nadwick on 4 June 2018

A few days on from the enforcement of the GDPR and the world hasn’t collapsed! Although there have been rumours of massive fines for the likes of Google and Facebook, there have not been confirmed cases as yet.

Automating IT controls to improve future audits

by Andreas Fritz on 20 April 2018

It is one of the most interesting but underrated features of GRC Process Control: Automated Controls. In most companies an Internal Control System (ICS) is always associated with lots of work. The efforts for assessments are high, the ...

[PRESS RELEASE] Turnkey provides exclusive review of the new SAP GRC 12.0

by Press Release on 9 March 2018

Turnkey provides exclusive review of the new SAP GRC 12.0 Hosts webinar with SAP’s Chris Johnston – Tuesday 13 March As speculation about SAP’s GRC 12.0 increases, Turnkey Consulting will provide the SAP community with guidance about ...

[PRESS RELEASE] Turnkey Consulting pioneers new format presentation at GRC2018

by Press Release on 12 February 2018

 Turnkey will be offering insight into compliance and data privacy legislation at this years SAP Insider’s Las Vegas event. Turnkey Consulting has been selected to trial the new Impact 20 presentation format at SAP Insider’s ...

SAP's GRC 12.0 is moving towards Fiori

by Andreas Fritz on 12 February 2018

Following announcements last year, a major new version of the GRC is almost ready to be released. SAP is preparing for the move from GRC 10.1 to GRC 12.0 and the new version will change the way we interact with the compliance suite ...