Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Services

Integrated Risk Management combines risk activities from across the organisation to enable a more holistic view of risk - enabling better decision-making and improving performance.

The problems we solve

Many enterprise-level organisations do not have an integrated view of risk across their business. Fragmented functions and disparate tools make accurate reporting of risk exposure impossible - leaving risk managers, compliance teams and business leaders blind the risks that they face.

Without this 'big picture' perspective, organisations are left with an inconsistent, disjointed, and often ineffective approach to risk management. One which makes internal controls costs hard to quantify and investment decisions difficult to defend.


Achieve a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of risk

Through integration of risk and controls related systems and data, we'll help you develop an accurate, consolidated and consistent picture of your risk exposure. 


Improve decision-making
and performance

With centralised and real-time risk reporting, you'll have all of the data you need to drive better performance and more informed decision-making.


Increase efficiencies and drive accountability

Through system-driven process we'll help you gain efficiencies in your risk management processes, while helping to drive accountability. 

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Why work with Turnkey


Extensive skills and experience

Our IRM consultants have years of collective experience in helping enterprise-level organisations achieve more integrated risk-management processes and operations.

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Flexible IRM Solutions

We'll work with you to design a strategic, technology-led solution that matches your organisation's size and maturity level - meaning you'll always get the support you need.

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Holistic view of risk management

Our team have a broad range of risk management capabilities. This helps us identify and control all of your organisations risks in a consistent, integrated and holistic way.

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Ongoing expert advice & support

We don’t just put things in place then leave you to it – we’re available to provide ongoing assistance in the development of complex controls.

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We helped Swiss Re engage their wider business to proactively manage risk more effectively.


We implemented an end-to-end GRC solution to support United Utilities in improving control.


We worked with SAB Miller to deliver an end-to-end SAP GRC solution to improve internal control efficiencies.


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Practice Director - Integrated Risk Management 

Marc Jackson

Marc has almost 20 years’ experience in security, risk and controls. During his time at Turnkey, he has gained experience in designing and implementing SAP security solutions for multinational clients across industry sectors. Marc also advises on the necessary governance structures and processes required to fully embed the supporting GRC components within businesses.

Get started with Turnkey's IRM Assessment

Based on our experience of successfully managing more than 500 IRM strategy and technology programmes, few are better placed than Turnkey to benchmark your level of IRM maturity against your peers. Our benchmarking study can be delivered remotely or onsite, and will assess 4 key areas:


We'll perform a comprehensive review of your organisation's systems and data. 

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We'll evaluate the level of cyber awareness and good security practice across your organisation.

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We'll assess your policies and procedures to ensure they match-up to industry standards.

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We'll provide a detailed report of your potential vulnerabilities with suggested remediation steps.

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