Identity and Access Management (IAM) Services

 IAM is the security discipline that enables the right people to access the right systems and data, for the right reasons and at the right time. 

The problems we solve

The skilled resources and capabilities needed to understand and interpret business job functions, as well as IRM and IAM technologies into appropriate solutions, are increasingly difficult to find. We help clients overcome the barriers to effective IAM across complex landscapes.  

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Manage growing access risk & complexity

For businesses running large-scale ERP platforms such as SAP,  security is becoming more complex with more enterprise applications being deployed beyond the core, which means that automated provisioning processes are now a must-have - and we can help.

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Establishing an enterprise view of access risk

With increasing internal and external access risks, it can be a major headache to create an accurate picture of user access across your enterprise. We can help secure your network by implementing monitoring and reporting tools, including our own IAM analytics dashboard to create a centralised view.

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Balancing user productivity with compliance

Users need enough flexibility to be productive while conforming to your security standards. With self-service, access governance, password management and rules-driven workflows, you are able to enable the business to manage themselves and their teams, balancing the need to work both efficiently and safely.


Improve compliance with IdAM

By implementing cutting edge technologies such as Password-less authentication, Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), we can help you achieve regulatory compliance, across some of the latest regulations including GDPR, and PSD2.


Controlling access to tighten security

We can help you better govern and manage access to systems, platforms, devices and resources, including privileged access, to improve your overall security position - all whilst providing a much improved user experience for your employees, third parties and customers alike. 


Improve your user's experience

We can help you improve the experience your users have accessing applications across your enterprise, allowing you to effectively enforce your information security policies, whilst reducing the time your people spend accessing systems and requesting and managing access.

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Benefits of working with us

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Reduce costs of administering access control

We'll help you significantly reduce the administrative cost of provisioning and de-provisioning users while reducing the time taken to grant access. We'll ensure your control systems integrate with your HR data to eliminate the need for data re-entry.
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Complete visibility of enterprise access

With increasing risks such as cybercrime and regulatory non-compliance, a centralised view of all users and their access ensures you manage your risks effectively - while ensuring you are well prepared for external audits.

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Improve the productivity of your employees

Timely provisioning and managing access requests quickly ensure your employees are able to stay productive. With self-service, password management and rules-driven workflows, they’ll be able to work both efficiently and safely.

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Access to skilled IAM resources on-demand

We can provide the business skills, as well as the technical expertise to help you build a highly cost-effective IdAM operation. And we can help manage this for you while providing access on-demand to IAM expertise when you need it.

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We implemented SAP Identity Management to give Australand centralised visibility of user access.


We worked with JTI to automate access management - dramatically reducing user provisioning time.

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We helped Infineum improve efficiency in managing access to its core SAP applications.

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Get started with Turnkey’s Identity & Access Management roadmap

Identity and Access Management often involves utilising multiple tools that don't integrate well. With our roadmap service, we can help you develop an IAM strategy with recommendations on future technology investments. Our service consists of four key steps, outlined below:


Start with an identity management health-check to identify current issues and future requirements.

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Develop a technology roadmap to fully leverage what you've already got, with new tools and best integration methods.

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Devise an indicative cost estimate and suggested roadmap timeline to help you plan future roll-outs and upgrades.

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Support you in the development of a business case to help you position your roadmap to achieve internal buy-in.

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