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We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
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Privileged Access Management (PAM) Maturity Assessment

Understand your organisation's current Privileged Access Management maturity level and establish a strategic roadmap to unlock the business-enabling benefits of an optimised PAM platform.

Sound familiar?

"We have a PAM solution in place, but it's not delivering value." 

“We implemented PAM for an audit finding or to meet a regulatory requirement, but nothing has really been updated since.” 

“Our insurers are asking questions about our privilege access management. How can I answer these questions with credibility?”  

"Audit findings revealed we need a PAM strategy, but we're not sure where and why." 

"We need a strong PAM strategy to support SOX or PCI DSS compliance." 

"We just don't know where to start." 

Turnkey can help

Turnkey’s Privileged Access Management Maturity Assessment helps organisations understand where they are and what’s needed to maximise the security and business-enabling benefits of PAM.
Get detailed analysis

We start with a detailed analysis of your organisation’s current landscape, as well as a health check of any existing PAM solution(s) or processes, to provide an honest and holistic appraisal of where you are now 

Determine your maturity level

We help you determine what good looks like, benchmarking your organisation based on others of a similar size and scale in your sector.

Optimise your PAM roadmap

We map out the short and long-term actions to optimise PAM and its associated processes within your organisation.

How it works

Turnkey’s Privileged Access Management Maturity Assessment helps you identify areas for improvement and provides clear steps to reduce risk and move forward effectively.

  1. Week 1
    Kick-off meeting

    We bring together the relevant parties within your organisation to outline the project scope, key activities, timelines, the roles required, and next steps.

  2. Week 2
    Workshops and review

    We review any available documentation and arrange workshops with key stakeholders to explore your organisation’s current processes, technology, risks, and priorities. We also conduct a scan of your environment to determine the current number of unmanaged privileged accounts, identify immediate risks, and uncover critical vulnerability gaps that PAM can help address.

    Group 2279
  3. Week 3
    Reporting and recommendations

    We present our recommendations for improving your organisation’s PAM maturity in the context of your risk appetite and business priorities, providing information on suggested actions if required.

    Group 6
  4. Week 4
    Next steps

    Your organization can begin to act on the recommended next steps using the expert guidance you've gained from the Privileged Access Management Maturity Assessment.

    Group 7

Why customers use Turnkey

Context and objectives-driven service

Our team understands that PAM is only effective when applied within the context of your organisation. We take on board your risk appetite and wider business objectives to deliver a right-sized assessment and tailored recommendations.

Independent advice

Our technology-agnostic approach provides you with actionable insights and unbiased recommendations for your organisation. We work across a wide range of solutions to align your PAM programme to your business needs and objectives. 

Cross-security domain expertise

Our breadth of experience across risk, security, and controls means we approach PAM within the context of integrated cyber and risk management. We spot opportunities for deploying PAM solutions for the most appropriate use cases and leverage our cross-functional strengths to help you protect your organisation and drive performance.

Your proven partner

Our delivery services are widely recognised by industry peers, demonstrating the knowledge and experience we bring to organisations like yours. This trusted experience makes us the ideal partner to kick-start your PAM improvement journey, no matter what stage you are at.

Customer success stories

Trusted to deliver risk and security solutions worldwide

Siemens-logo colour

Implementing an integrated risk management platform using SAP GRC Process Controls

The tobacco industry is heavily regulated and JTI takes its compliance responsibilities very seriously. The business invested in SAP systems over many years, and we were appointed to deliver the implementation of SAP GRC Process Controls.

A smooth implementation of SAP Business Integrity Screening (BIS) for controls automation for SAP S/4 HANA

Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization, with over 385,000 employees world-wide. The objective was to ensure the best use of the available technology to create alerts for potential risks or fraud.

Turnkey implements SAP GRC to achieve significant business benefits

Ruralco has used SAP for many years, but their growth and acquisitions have resulted in many different business units, and the SAP security systems not always keeping pace with organisational and process change. They turned to Turnkey to help implement SAP GRC.

Providing SAP Cyber Security peace of mind

We helped Serco evaluate the cyber threats across their entire infrastructure and prioritise their investment for remediation. They wanted to assess their SAP systems cyber-resilience as part of this broader cyber control programme to understand the risk position of their SAP system.

Managing access violation and improving efficiency with the Bedrock GRC Managed Service

With over 35,000 people working for Sodexo in the UK and Ireland, Sodexo strives to improve the quality of daily life at over 2,000 client locations across all market sectors. They takes advantage of Bedrock - Turnkey's GRC managed service - to support their SAP GRC activities.

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