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Bedrock Managed Service
Scalable support and on-demand expertise that seamlessly integrates with your existing operations.
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We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
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Bedrock Managed Service

Scalable support and on-demand expertise that seamlessly integrates with your existing operations.

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Security excellence at your fingertips

The strength of your enterprise depends on a secure foundation. Turnkey’s Bedrock Managed Service provides always-on support and niche expertise to protect and future-proof your business-critical systems.

Whether you’re augmenting your current team or outsourcing specific functions, we act as an extension of your organisation, bolstering security and helping you improve business performance.

Why Bedrock?

With Turnkey's Bedrock Managed Service, you get right-sized, responsive day-to-day support backed by the brightest minds in identity, security, and risk. Specifically, we provide your business with:

  • Regular touchpoints with a dedicated local service manager

  • Timely resolutions and updates to integral components

  • Ongoing support to evolve and improve controls in line with business objectives

  • Extended capabilities without added headcount

Our Partners

We have expertise working with the following leading service providers.
Security Bridge

Around the world, around the clock

With 12 offices and support hubs globally, Turnkey's Bedrock Managed Service team has you covered day and night.

Key benefits of Bedrock

We go beyond ticket resolution

We succeed when you succeed. That's why, as part of our Bedrock service, we go beyond immediate issue resolution to provide ongoing assessment, proactive solutions, and strategic roadmaps that support the long-term resilience of your critical business systems.

We adapt to your business needs

One size doesn't fit all. Bedrock's flexible service model means we tailor our support to fit your business needs. Whether you require ad-hoc assistance or full-time risk and security management, our adaptable solutions align with your operations, giving you the support you need when you need it. 

We extend your expertise

Say goodbye to silos. Bedrock brings the full scope of Turnkey's expertise to bear, ensuring you have access to the right people with the right skills when you need them. From our global capability centre to our full bench of industry experts, we have you covered when it comes to identity, security, and risk. 


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We support you 24/7

Bedrock never stops. We provide technical support to safeguard your IT environment around the clock. Count on our experts to monitor systems, address issues, and handle routine processes so you can concentrate on strategic initiatives - and get some sleep. 

Customer success stories

Trusted to deliver risk and security solutions worldwide

Managing access violation and improving efficiency with the Bedrock GRC Managed Service

With over 35,000 people working for Sodexo in the UK and Ireland, Sodexo strives to improve the quality of daily life at over 2,000 client locations across all market sectors. They takes advantage of Bedrock - Turnkey's GRC managed service - to support their SAP GRC activities.

Turnkey’s Bedrock Managed Service Supports GRC and Security for Leading Supermarket Chain

Turnkey’s client has over 1000 supermarkets and grocery stores. It has a turnover approaching $60 billion AUD. With good Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) central to its approach, it needed a new partner to support these and other security activities.

Providing an Identity & Access Management Solution and Managed Service

The university has been continuously improving its identity and access management (IAM) system since inception 10 years ago. The system is very large with close to 100,000 users (identities), including UK and international students, as well as non-university associates.

Turnkey delivers and supports security controls and automated user processes to 7,500 users with SAP GRC and SAP Identity Management

Turnkey's client is a global science and chemicals company and leader in sustainable technologies. The organisation has been deploying SAP technology to serve its business units globally, but the complexity of managing these systems and maintaining effective security controls and user processes had become increasingly challenging.

Discover how we can support your team

Meet our Managed Service Team

Sarah Nadwick Head of Managed Services

Coming from an information security and GRC background, I can provide technical insights that enhance our service delivery. As a key liaison between the support team and customers, I hold high importance for timely and efficient resolutions. I believe successful managed services thrive on collaboration, transparent communication, and proactive problem-solving. Emphasising teamwork over silos is crucial for both customer interactions and within the support team. I take pride in contributing to the substantial global growth of managed services and am motivated to see this continue. Let's connect for a seamless integration of technical expertise and a genuine commitment to delivering excellent service. 

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