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We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
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17 June 2016

Turnkey’s GRC 2016 Preview

Here's a quick overview of some of the topics we’re really excited to be speaking about at GRC 2016 in Vienna.



The dust has now settled on our first live implementation of S/4HANA Finance. Early experiences indicate it is more complex to implement than legacy ECC Business Suite.  Some of that is due to additional functionality, some of it is down to changes to the product being significantly lagged by documentation and enablement materials. We’re looking forward to sharing more detailed experiences from our trial with you at Vienna.

GRC as a Service

GRC solutions are maximised when they are viewed as a mechanism to improve and enhance the overall management of risk and controls across the business. By consuming GRC as a Service, the availability of costly internal skills is no longer a factor. External companies can provide overall cost savings by virtue of experience in implementation, support and advisory services.

We’re keen to share our knowledge and expertise, why not drop in for a chat with us at booth 100 at GRC 2016 Vienna?