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We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
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26 September 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Risky Business 2023


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Risky Business 2023. With less than two weeks until the event, we are preparing to take attendees on a journey through the continuously changing landscape of risk, accompanied by some key leaders in the sector of risk and security.

Since the first event held last year, the global business environment has grown significantly more uncertain.

The rise of artificial intelligence, the challenge of soaring living costs, the web of broken supply chains, and a range of other issues have surfaced, increasing the challenges faced by risk and security professionals in their mission to protect their organisations.

Risky Business takes place across 4 – 5 October, with day one starting at 11:30 BST/12:30 CEST/06:30 EST and day two starting at 12:00 AEDT/09:00 MYT + SGT.

Here’s your complete guide to getting the most out of this unique digital event.

What to expect at Risky Business

In the current climate, risk management has never been so important. Enterprise-level organisations across the globe lack a clear perspective on risk across their entire operations.

This absence of a holistic view results in organisations adopting an inconsistent and often ineffective approach to risk management. Such an approach makes it difficult to measure internal control costs and makes defending investment decisions a difficult task.

The Risky Business virtual event will feature speakers from EMEA, APAC and the US who will delve into contemporary issues relating to risk and security, answering some of the questions posed by the challenges outlined above. The event is designed to bring together experts in risk management, and provide attendees with the tools and strategies needed to mitigate risk within their respective organisations.

In this 24-hour event spanning seven different time zones, Turnkey has gathered risk, security, and identity experts from organisations such as Maersk, L'Oréal, SAP, and others to share their insights.

Getting ready for Risky Business

Get ready to join the action straight away without missing a minute. The event is broadcast using Hopin (powered by RingCentral), so register early and book your spot in the virtual audience for the talks and sessions that are of most interest.

If you've already completed your registration, head over to the sign-in page by clicking here and enter the login credentials you provided during registration. Upon successful login, you'll find Risky Business 2023 listed among your upcoming events.

Planning your calendar

Don’t forget to check the schedule ahead of time here and identify the sessions that you’ll find useful, or best suited to your goals. If you can't commit to attending for the entire day, we recommend setting up reminders in your personal calendar to ensure you don't miss out on those particular sessions.

You can easily do this within the Hopin platform by clicking on the calendar icon next to the sessions, and add them to your personal calendar. Additionally, please note that all sessions will be archived as recordings, so you can always watch any sessions you miss on demand afterwards.

Register for Risky Business 2023 today

With a packed agenda and plenty of networking opportunities without the need to travel, Risky Business promises to be an excellent insight into the current and future trends that are impacting risk management. Join us in making the world a safer place to do business, register today.


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