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16 March 2016

Day 1 Round-up from the GRC 2016 Event

Well it's the end of day 1 here in Las Vegas and already some trends are starting to emerge from the sessions and conversations at the event.

SAP have a strong focus on 'Digital Transformation' this year and this has been evident from both the keynote and the sessions we have attended. SAP Digital Transformation is a business strategy that is not intended to redefine business models, but improve and simplify business processes underpinned through technology. The keynote had an interesting demo of the new Digital Boardroom technology. Whilst it was good to see, the conference demo didn't really do it justice - the demos I have seen previously where the Digital Boardroom technology is combined with interactive screens are really impressive.Day_1_Round-up_from_the_GRC_2016_Event.jpg

The keynote also included an interesting discussion on user experience. The digital experience that we have in our personal lives is raising our expectations of enterprise software. 

The stand out breakout session for me today was a Process Controls walkthrough with Jan Gardiner. Jan recalled a client who had leveraged the CCM component to implement automated controls and subsequently leveraged this to reduce their audit fees. The way they approached this was to highlight the investment they had made in CCM in the bidding process for their audit and to specifically request that respondents take this into account in their response. The demonstrable savings in controls testing effort that they had achieved meant keenest of respondents were able to offer lower fees than they would have done otherwise.

With the trend we are seeing towards more regular tendering of audits this is something that all Clients running SAP GRC should be considering.