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25 February 2013

Top 5 Customer Concerns Around Managing Access Risk - Part 4

Last time we looked at issues around managing access risk in a reactive and fragmented way. This week I discuss the fourth major concern around managing access risk which is lack of management visibility.

Lack of visibility for management

We all know that senior management hate surprises, even more so when it is delivered by an external party! It leaves them wondering what else is out there that they don’t know about!

By implementing a tool like Access Control, organisations are demonstrating that they are being proactive and keeping on the front foot with managing system risk. This will always be looked upon favorably by auditors and other stakeholders to the company.

Some of our clients, regularly report the status of the access risks to senior management using the dashboard we saw earlier. This gives a level of comfort to executives, to know that’s one less thing they need to be worrying about.

We find that customers love the drill down capabilities of the AC dashboard. They have the ability to see which business processes or users have the most issues, so that they can prioritise their remediation. They are able to clearly see and track the progress being made as risks are reduced over time.