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12 November 2021

Turnkey Global does Meatless Week

Turnkey prevented up to 154KG of carbon dioxide being emitted by hosting a global Climate Action competition where regional offices attempted being meat-free for a week!

The Climate Action team hosted this competition as a response to how destructive intensive factory farms and mass-produced meat industry can be to the environment. The industrial meat system not only still uses fossil fuels to power manufacturing but also needs to be extremely land-intensive to sustain itself, leading to increased deforestation.
Contestants entered the competition from Turnkey locations, including the UK, Germany, Australia, and Malaysia, to pitch in and help win the grand prize of a meal out for their respective regional teams. In total, 211 meatless meals were submitted over the course of the week, with Turnkey colleagues sharing recipes, getting inspired, and learning more about how diet can affect the environment.

Meatless week breakfast

Meatless week lunch

Meatless week dinner

The competition was judged on the relative number of meals submitted and the involvement rate of each office with the UK team eventually coming out on top. Some of the team can be seen enjoying their grand prize of an evening out at Stem&Glory in London!

Meatless week team dinner

This Global competition is a result of the efforts of the Climate Action team at Turnkey and is one of several local and global initiatives they have been putting in place to increase awareness and lower carbon emissions. Carbon emission prevention from all initiatives is recognised and will contribute to the reduction of the amount of carbon that Turnkey must offset each year to reach the company's net zero target.