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12 February 2018

SAP's GRC 12.0 is moving towards Fiori


Following announcements last year, a major new version of the GRC is almost ready to be released. SAP is preparing for the move from GRC 10.1 to GRC 12.0 and the new version will change the way we interact with the compliance suite completely.

During User Acceptance Testing, Turnkey’s German team were able to get a first impression of the new product. What will the next release of the GRC look like? And what are the benefits?


User Experience put first with a Fiori Launchpad

SAP is now applying its strategy to move towards mobile devices to the GRC. Therefore it has implemented a large portion of the relevant GRC functions on a Fiori Launchpad. These now appear as tiles (on that Launchpad) and offer a unified entry point for all GRC Fiori Apps. Also, each user is able to personalise their own Launchpad and can add, remove or sort apps via drag and drop.


By moving to a Fiori Launchpad, GRC 12.0 offers increased productivity and higher transparency, because users have faster access to relevant information. Some apps already have KPIs on their tile, e.g. the 'Control Status' or the 'Issue Status'. This means that by just looking at the Launchpad the user will get significant information right away. Instead of having to pull information out of the system, GRC 12.0 is now pushing the most important numbers to the user.


Some of the apps have been built from scratch according to the Fiori guidelines. Others still have WebDynpro running behind the scenes with a theme that appears native to the Fiori design. Therefore they look familiar to everyone using the GRC already and require very little effort to master.


New features for Process Control and Risk Management

New dashboards, new monitoring and new aggregation features will be included in the GRC 12.0 release. These features extend the software and provide more flexibility while working with it. For example running business rules (Continuous Controls Monitoring, or CCMs) without assigning them to controls enables faster testing during an implementation or an upgrade.


These are our initial impressions of the new software. In terms of when GRC 12.0 will be available, we are expecting the release by the end of March 2018. For any further questions regarding the new Fiori Launchpad, customising and upgrades, please do not hesitate to contact us.