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28 October 2021

Turnkey Germany makes the Switch to Electric Vehicles

Turnkey Germany have been swapping out company cars for electric models, slashing their business travel carbon emissions by up to 43%*. So far, the team have replaced three of their conventional cars for two fully electric ones and one hybrid model with the rest of the fleet following suit soon.

The Turnkey office in Germany regularly travel by car due to the longer distances between business hubs, clocking in an average of 30 000km on each vehicle annually. Across the group, Turnkey Germany’s road travel is particularly high, meaning this change will have a significant impact on the reduction of global emissions for the company overall. This initiative also makes a great contribution to Turnkey’s first step towards efficient net neutrality defined in the company’s four-step Climate Strategy, by helping to minimize carbon emissions released directly from business activities.

Road transport has long been Europe's largest source of carbon emissions, accounting for 27%** of all emissions, with passenger cars and vehicles making up more than half of that 25%. Since 1990, transport emissions have risen by 33%*** in Europe – the industry is one of those that have reacted much later than others over the last 3 decades of increasing climate change warnings.

Decreasing transport emissions is essential to reaching national climate goals and meeting the 2050 deadline of the Paris climate agreement. The shift to mobilising electricity for transport must be accelerated; incremental improvements to the efficiency of existing conventional vehicles cannot achieve radical emission reduction required. Therefore, Turnkey Germany have taken the initiative to combat this directly by employing the most efficient and convenient zero emission technology available: battery electric vehicles.

As governments across the globe continue to lower carbon emissions related to electricity generations, electric vehicles are a sustainable option for the future, whilst conventional cars become less fuel-efficient over time. This is another testament to how SMEs can make a difference and contribute to reducing the effects of climate change.

* Die aktuelle Treibhausgasemissionsbilanz von Elektrofahrzeugen in Deutschland by Martin Wietschel, Matthias Kühnbach and David Rüdiger, Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation No. S 02/2019
**CO2 Emissions from Cars: The Facts, A report by European Federation for Transport & Environment, 2018