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Robotic GRC: transforming finance operations with intelligent automation

A webinar series with SAP and Turnkey

Following last year's successful event, ‘Robotic GRC for the finance function’, SAP and Turnkey ran a webinar series looking at how SAP customers can drive intelligent automation across finance with SAP GRC.

Following SAP's introductory webinar, Turnkey ran 3 sessions to explore how organisations can reduce the risk of fraud using intelligent automation, and dramatically improve the management of high volume financial transactions.

Turnkey's webinars in this series include:

Webinar 1: ‘Managing fraud with intelligent automation’ 

Webinar 2: ‘Increasing efficiency in the joiner, mover leaver process with controls automation’

Webinar 3: ‘Automated finance processes with continuous transactional insight'

 If you would like to watch any, or all three of these webinars please complete the form below.

To view part 1 of this series please register on the SAP event page here.


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