On demand webinar

How to minimise cyber attacks

on SAP applications

An on-demand webinar in collaboration with SAP

Many security experts have warned that recently published, easy-to-use exploits for known SAP security issues may lead to more attacks on SAP systems. These exploits may enable remote hackers to compromise SAP applications and the critical business data they contain.

In this on demand webinar, we look at how you can monitor and eliminate both external and internal threats occurring within the SAP landscape. Turnkey’s own security expert, Tom Smith is joined by Paul Lloyd-Smith from SAP’s Office of the CFO.

Tom and Paul explore some simple use cases for SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD), such as alerting when an attacker creates a new user and subsequently logs in - showcasing the ease of pattern creation and execution within ETD. And they also introduce how ETD manages alert investigations and exemptions to take issues to completion.

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