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Turnkey helps a global financial information services provider meet their regulatory obligations

  • Meeting SOX requirements: The business is compliant with NASDAQ’s reporting and management regime
  • Reduced security administration time: Automated user provisioning with dynamic approvers has streamlined the administration process
  • Automated business rules based monitoring: SAP GRC monitors control related settings for compliance daily, removing the need for manual checks
  • Auditable user provisioning: Incorporating workflows for multiple approvers to assign business roles which ensure segregation of duties
  • Recording and controlling business risk: SAP Process Control collates evidence of reporting with comparisons, running automated business rules daily to check compliance
  • Threshold monitoring: Controls to capture all postings over specific thresholds (both per line and cumulative) to ensure financial review
  • Evidence held centrally: Using SAP GRC evidence is held in one central place, date & time stamped, so that auditors can access all the detail necessary to validate SOX compliance
  • Open for growth: Scalability for future implementation of Process Controls and Risk Management


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