Any control follows a logical sequence of events. These events begin with collecting data. Data can be available from various sources; however, all of it might not be relevant for the control to be assessed. By implementing a robust control automation solution, you can effectively reduce the time required for manual data collection and interrogation and improve productivity.

Turnkey Consulting has a deep understanding of this area, with a wealth of experience in designing and deploying successful control automation solutions.

Control automation covers everything from data collection all the way to remediation, if required. We are able to automate those areas in the control flow where human intervention can be removed due to the nature of the task, such as data collection and mapping, while maintaining human input in areas such as analysis and remediation.

Once data is collected, testing is automated, and the results are mapped and measured against compliance requirements. Exceptions found at this stage are monitored and control owners are notified of these exceptions. It is at this stage that human intervention is crucial to assess the nature of the exception and determine the action plan to address such exception.


Turnkey Consulting has a wealth of experience in control automation across a wide variety of industry sectors, that ensures a successful implementation for any organisation. We provide considered, in-depth advice during the selection process of business areas and controls to be automated.

In addition, we can deliver comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of each selected control and the benefits these could bring to the organisation, control owners, internal controls teams and external reviewers.