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We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
We have operations in all corners of the globe, so see which office is nearest to you and connect with them.
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Helping to secure

Higher Education

Cyber attacks targeting Higher Education institutions have never been higher. Unfortunately, it is now a matter of when, not if, your institution will be compromised without the appropriate processes and technologies in place.

The problems we solve

With complex IT estates, the steep rise of cyber attacks and the tightening of compliance and regulatory requirements, a lack of visibility and control over the tens of thousands of Staff Members, Students, Candidates, and Non-staff/Associates has the potential to be catastrophic.
As a result, reducing the attack surface and end-user risk has to be at the forefront of every higher education institution.
From education and training against malware attacks to managing identities and access across entire IT estates, Turnkey is a leader in providing services that meet your compliance and cyber security needs.

Areas of focus

We provide a range of services to provide a truly end-to-end security offering.
Cyber Security & Application Security

From cyberattacks to internal fraud, our technology, tools and intelligence monitoring will help you keep one step ahead of potential hackers and other likely threats through controlled access, system updates, user training and automation.

- Cyber Security Maturity Assessment
- Cyber Essentials pre-audit support
- Phishing / User awareness training
- Supporting technologies

Identity & Access Management

With the growing complexity of the joiner, mover, leaver process alongside increasing internal and external access risks, it can be a major headache to create an accurate picture of user access across your institution. It's fair to say that automating these processes is now a must-have - and we can help!

- Access & Data Governance
- Identity Management
- Access Management (SSO/MFA)
- Privileged Access Management

IT Governance / Risk Management

Through integration of risk indicators and controls-related systems and data, we'll help you develop an accurate, consolidated, and consistent picture of your risk exposure upheld to auditory requirements and plan effective responses to threats.

Let's get started

How we can help

Extensive skills and experience

Our dedicated higher education team has years of collective experience in helping universities, institutions, and exam boards achieve a consolidated view of risks across the entire IT and Security landscape. 

Creating a more cyber-aware culture

Cyber security is not just an issue for businesses. With tens of thousands of new university goers every year, we can help design, develop and implement an information security awareness program, to make everyone aware of what’s needed to keep your institution safe.

Getting started with assessments

Knowing where to start can prove to be easier said than done. Our series of assessments will analyse and review your existing systems, processes, and technologies, providing you with a roadmap-style strategy prioritising the key focus areas specific to your university.

Managed support services

Leave as little or as much with us! We offer a specialist advice, support, or a fully managed service to meet your needs, ensuring your IT systems continue to operate without interference, minimising potentially costly downtime and optimising overall performance.


University References

University_of_Bedfordshire logo
Uni of Nottingham logo
UAL Logo

Providing Managed Service Support

The University of Bedfordshire required additional personnel and expertise to integrate with their team to help manage their existing estate.

Turnkey provided the University with a Managed Service to support server patching and upgrade cycles to the IAM platform. We performed an IAM Strategy Review with IDM, CISO & InfoSec teams to align cybersecurity and IAM strategies for the next 3 years, providing recommendations to address the gaps in processes and tooling.

Providing an IdAM Solution and Managed Service

As a result of a large transformation project, the University needed to automate and integrate the user lifecycle of its Staff, Students and Associates, across different campuses each with separate HR, Associate & Students systems that needed integrating at the same time as migrating to a new global student system.

Turnkey were able to provide project support for all of the IAM requirements including staff, students, non-staff/associate accounts. ​We initiated server upgrades, process implementation, scripting, workflows, and integrations between AD, ServiceNow and IAM platform. 

We then transitioned them onto our Bedrock Managed Service for IAM solution with gold partners, MicroFocus.

Privileged Access Management and Management of Non-Staff/Associates

UAL established full control over their Active Directory environment, isolating the use of privileged accounts to reduce the risk of credentials being stolen. In addition to this, we supported the implementation of identity management for associates/non-staff, which is often over-looked.

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