IT General Controls (ITGC) are the set of controls that apply to the IT environment in any given organisation. These controls are designed to ensure information systems operate as expected while maintaining their integrity. As IT systems evolve it is necessary to ensure that controls are updated to include new testing techniques aligned to the new technologies.

Ensuring your key IT systems are well controlled is this first step in placing reliance on them to monitor how your organisation is operating. The information coming out of these systems becomes the source to your internal and external reporting. Therefore they need to be reliable in many ways.


Our consultants draw on their wealth of experience to help you set up or shape your IT General Controls to ensure they meet audit standards. Whether designing or re-designing controls, testing and documenting, or assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your controls over IT systems, we will ensure your IT General Controls are robust and fully compliant.

Our experience working with the "Big 4" and with a variety of industries gives us the knowledge to provide you with the most up to date standards and requirements in this field, to help you achieve compliance in this key area.