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The mining industry has experienced a rise in red tape in recent years, with advanced safety, social and environmental regulations in force.

How we help

New regulations add to an already-complex GRC picture, with mining and mineral companies typically operating across multiple jurisdictions. We design and deliver integrated GRC solutions to address the specific challenges of the mining sector, advising on key considerations around corporate governance, internal controls and external reporting.



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  • R Orica
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  • R Shell
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Client success stories

Our blue-chip client base ranges from small businesses to global brands, across a diverse range of industries, including oil & gas, CPG, utilities, pharmaceuticals, transport and the public sector. Here are just a few of the people weve helped and results weve achieved:


 Turnkey Consulting's client is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies. As one of the most profitable organisations in the world, they employ around 102,000 employees across 100 countries and territories.


The entire group, whether it’s Upstream, Downstream or their Projects and Technology business, is served by Global Functions.




 RSM Tenon, the 7th largest accounting and audit firm in the UK, provides a comprehensive suite of accounting and consultancy services including business advisory, tax and financial management. Employing around 3,000 people with offices in all the major commercial centres across the country.

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