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Identity Management: A governance-based approach

Recorded 09/10/2018

Guest speaker, Mark Oldroyd, from Sailpoint explores Identity Management

Managing access to enterprise systems and data can weigh heavy on those responsible, if the process isn’t streamlined or automated as much as possible.

While disparate identity management tools and internal conflicts of ownership serve to exacerbate the challenge, often the biggest issue is a lack of governance. Effective identity and access management combines access provisioning and centralised visibility, with a robust governance model and consistent policy enforcement.

In this recorded guest webinar, Mark Oldroyd from identity management specialists, SailPoint, explains how to develop a governance-based approach to identity management.

Specifically, he covers:

  • What governance-based identity management really means
  • The benefits of identity governance
  • What an identity governance model looks like in practice
  • Where to start building a governance foundation for identity projects


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Identity Management: A governance-based approach

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