SAP GRC Process Control

Process Control Improvement

Control frameworks and the operation of these controls are essential for any organisation. Before considering software solutions that can help you manage these, it is important to have a robust set of controls and appropriate methods to test them.

Organisations must consider key and non-key controls and the risks they are trying to address. They must also ensure the testing procedures that confirm the controls are designed efficiently and operating effectively, and fully understand how exceptions are dealt with when this is not the case.

Review, Redesign and Enhance

Over the years our consultants have successfully participated in every aspect of the control’s process across a wide number of industry sectors.

Drawing on this experience we can help your company to improve the way you manage your controls , in turn improving your overall compliance process. This could mean reviewing existing frameworks, re-designing controls, assessing available software tools to help you manage the process, or enhancing those tools already in place.

We will help you throughout the entire process providing advice from our wealth of hands-on experience.

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