SAP GRC Risk Management

What is SAP GRC Risk Management?

SAP GRC Risk Management is SAP’s solution for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The solution is delivered on the same technology stack as Access Controls and Process Controls and benefits from integration with the rest of the suite.

The solution enables companies to identify the risks facing their organisation across reputational, financial, environmental, and other potential impact areas. SAP GRC Risk Management standardises on risk management best-practices and tools across the enterprise, based on ISO31000 and COSO. The informed insight this facilitates provides management teams with a complete view of the threat landscape and enables them to plan and execute responses to mitigate the effects.

Turnkey Consulting has collaborated with SAP and co-developed the tool with CQS, an SAP partner and GRC specialist based in South Africa to deliver a Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) for Risk Management. The out-of-the-box solution is the only one of its kind to enable organisations to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks across the enterprise in a single system. This allows customers to implement core functionality and start realising the benefits from the solution with a fixed scope and cost solution. Turnkey also provide consulting services focused on risk and fraud management to support and extend the use of the Risk Management Solution.

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