Application Security

Managing access to your critical enterprise applications, such as SAP, is key to protecting them from internal and external threats. We help clients build robust security measures to safeguard against risks, such as downtime or loss of data.

The problems we solve

Once an afterthought in the implementation of ERP systems, security is now a key concern due to easier access to systems and increased vulnerability. We can help you overcome the typical issues associated with application security. 


Application security by design

We start with role and authorisation design and plan ahead of your implementation to ensure the right security is in place to minimise your application vulnerabilities.


Ensuring you meet compliance standards

We ensure your applications comply with necessary regulations and help your organisation to follow application security best practices.


Remediating identified vulnerabilities

Audits and access reviews often uncover weaknesses and issues within security and authorisation design. We help you take the necessary actions to remediate identified security risks.

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Benefits of working with us


Expert audit and compliance support

We have years of experience in helping organisations meet external audit requirements and the various compliance standards relating to critical applications and their data - so you'll be in good hands.

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Avoid costly application reimplementations

As part of implementation, we deliver authorisation designs that help you meet your business needs quicker. This reduces the need for costly and time-consuming post-implementation remediation activities.

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Take the pain out of audit remediation

Sometimes remediation is unavoidable. When that happens, we quickly identify key areas - thanks to our pragmatic approach to risk management - and ensure the process is fast and focused.

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Stay ahead of key application threats

From cyber attacks to internal fraud, we'll help you keep one step ahead of the likely threats through controlled access, system updates, monitoring, training and automation.
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We're helping Shell manage data privacy compliance for a global HR application, by implementing security controls. 

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We've helped RSM Tenon assess its application security approach to reduce IT risks and manage external threats. 



We supported Rexam (now part of Ball) with the assessment and remediation of its SAP application security practices.

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Application Security Solution Leader

Tom Venables

Tom is an experienced SAP security architect with over 10 years’ experience in SAP authorisations. He helps clients define SAP security strategies and policies and procedures, while also supporting large, complex SAP implementations. His expertise across several modules of core SAP, as well as SAP GRC enables him to help clients build low maintenance, yet highly secure application environments.

Get started with Turnkey's Application Security Review

In this 5-10 day process, we'll help you quantify the level of security exposure in your application environment. We are able to review all aspects of application security, providing a comprehensive security assessment or a focused review on specific areas. The review scope covers the following key areas:


SAP Application Security hardening (e.g. password parameters, default users, client settings, etc…) and SoD and sensitive access

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User and role administration processes and associated controls; SAP patching procedures

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How you manage change and continuous improvement, while ensuring security is covered in all developments

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Review of the tools currently available to SAP security and the controls function

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