Control Self-Assessment (CSA) is a way to test the efficiency and effectiveness of controls by employees who own the process, rather than auditors. Auditors however, will place reliance on CSA results. For CSA to be successful, the right people need to be involved to sponsor and take ownership of the process.

Staying on top of your Control Self-Assessment and ensuring policies & procedures are getting to the right people in your organisation can be a time consuming exercise.

Training and planning are also essential to ensure CSA provides results on which the business and external audit can rely on.


Policies and procedures are an essential part of the organisation, as policies are the rules which guide the decision making process, while procedures describe how. Policies and procedures need to reach their target audience and must undergo regular reviews to ensure they are updated to reflect the actual position and situation of the area of the organisation they have been written for. Lastly, policies and procedures must be mapped to corporate objectives, regulations and industry standards to comply with corporate governance.

Managing the creation, review, distribution, and acknowledgement of policies and procedures is becoming more demanding as legislative and regulatory requirements increase.


Turnkey’s team of experienced consultants can help you define or re-design appropriate CSAs, and help you to implement the tools capable of keeping track of all testing activities. We provide the required support to monitor existing policies & procedures, and help to incorporate new ones to the organisation where necessary.

With a wealth of experience in delivering CSAs and managing policies and procedures, across a variety of industry sectors, we are ideally placed to implement successful solutions in this area.