Cyber Security

With critical business data flowing through SAP and other enterprise applications,  cyber threats have dramatically increased. We help clients prevent these attacks and simplify the ways in which these systems are safeguarded. 

The problems we solve

Data from SAP and other enterprise applications represents a high return for cyber attackers, while the landscape itself has become more complex and harder to manage. We help clients safeguard against their key cyber vulnerabilities. 


Get a complete view of your cyber risks

We'll first perform a full vulnerability assessment and inventory of the devices and software that make up your environment to identify the vulnerability points that leave you most exposed.


Embed data protection best practices

We'll help ensure the privacy and integrity of your enterprise data is maintained through Privacy by Design, controlled access and by implementing effective security policies. 


Eliminate application vulnerabilities

We review and manage your applications and underlying infrastructure security to fix any vulnerabilities to critical cyber threats - including the OWASP top 10 and beyond.

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Benefits of working with us


Reduced security & compliance risks

You'll have the peace of mind that your cyber risks are significantly reduced - minimising the potential for data theft and compliance penalties, such as the GDPR.
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Create a more cyber-aware culture

Cyber security is a company-wide issue, so we design, develop and implement an information security awareness program, to make everyone aware of what’s needed to keep your business safe.

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Continuous, end-to-end cyber security support

We perform everything that’s required to safeguard your systems from cyber attack - including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, application testing, code reviews and host review services.

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Minimising governance & administration

We'll help you reduce your operational effort and governance with centralised administration, continuous monitoring and comprehensive reporting across your enterprise landscape.

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SAP cyber security: Providing specialist services to Internal Audit to improve cyber security control and effectiveness.

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Improving cyber security resilience & SAP threat awareness as part of a major cyber programme.


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Cyber Security Solution Leader

Barun Kumar

Barun has an MBA and is a Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA). Prior to joining Turnkey, he worked with the Big 4 accounting firms for more than eight years. Barun has primarily worked in the areas of SAP GRC consulting, specialising in information security, cyber security, SOX/ J-SOX, ISO27001, business continuity planning and security controls.

Get started with Turnkey's Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

A Turnkey Cyber Vulnerability Assessment is the first step in securing your organisations sensitive data. We'll analyse and evaluate your current risk position  in terms of your exposure to the external cyber threats that would specifically target your core business and SAP applications.


We'll perform a comprehensive scan of your SAP system code and configuration. 

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We'll evaluate the level of cyber awareness and good security practice across your organisation.

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We'll assess your policies and procedures to ensure they match-up to industry standards.

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We'll provide a detailed report of your potential vulnerabilities with suggested remediation steps.

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