The ability to gain wider system access in an emergency situation is critical to maintaining IT operations. However, it is also essential that this access is issued in a controlled manner, consistent with your organisation’s internal control objectives. The process to gain access must be efficient and pragmatic so that it can be utilised effectively to support Business operations.

Providing your people with the appropriate tools to do their jobs in a controlled way is the ultimate aim for an effective emergency access solution. Our solutions for emergency access procedures bring these objectives together.


At Turnkey Consulting we have significant experience in designing and deployingAccess Controls solutions for Enterprise Systems.

Our SAP Security and GRC specialists bring the benefits of their wealth of experience in both auditing Enterprise systems and through developing Security solutions throughout a number of industry sectors.

Working with in-house teams, we leverage our experience and deployment accelerators for your specific sector and solution landscape, as well as our understanding of common requirements for system administration access. We then help you configure the tools available to monitor and manage these risks in your systems.

The end-result is an Emergency Access solution that:

  • Gives support staff fast, emergency access when and where it is needed
  • Ensures that internal controls are not compromised
  • Supports business ownership of security and risk
  • Delivers a complete audit trail of emergency access usage
  • Meets the requirements of both internal and external audit


We understand both the operational challenges you face in deploying emergency access and the tools available to solve them.

Our approach to implementing the available tools reflects our technical expertise in SAP GRC, SAP Security and SAP Auditing. We combine this with a strong understanding of business process controls and operational challenges to ensure you find the right balance between giving staff the access they need to do their jobs and closing the real security gaps that put your business at risk.