In today’s business environment, the purpose of continuous audit and monitoring is to provide an improved level of assurance on financial reporting controls, transactional integrity and fraud detection.

As business system landscapes gets increasingly complex, it is very rare that these risks are realized from a single business system. Cross-system reporting is vital for gaining the required assurance from a business risk perspective. Regardless of the technology underpinning these business applications, if they can influence the business risk profile, then they should be in scope for audit and compliance reporting.


At Turnkey Consulting we have significant experience in designing and deploying Access Controls solutions for a wide variety of Enterprise Systems.

As an implementation Partner of Greenlight Technologies™, we understand how to extend the standard offerings of industry best practice tools such as SAP’s GRC product suite to non-SAP applications by appreciating the fundamentals of access management in each of the applications.

Working with your in-house teams, we leverage our experience and deployment accelerators for your industry sector and specific solution landscape as well as our understanding of common requirements for access management processes across the whole solution landscape. We then help you to configure the tools available to manage these risks in your systems.

The end-result is an Access Management solution that:

  • Reduces the operational costs of identity and access management
  • Supports business ownership of security and risk
  • Incorporates cross system compliance checks in access management processes
  • Takes an organisation view or risk rather than technology driven
  • Supports your corporate risk management objectives
  • Meets the requirements of both internal and external audit


Our technical expertise with Identity management solutions,GRC solutions, Application Security and Auditing enables us to take a technology agnostic view of your organisation. We combine this with a strong understanding of business process controls and operational challenges to effectively map out the appropriate roles and job mappings and ensure you find the right balance between giving staff the access they need to do their jobs and closing the real security gaps that put your business at risk, regardless of the supporting technology.

We recognise that in order to keep your solution free of access management risks, it is important to embed business ownership of security into your organisation. Our approach focuses on business engagement throughout to ensure that your business develops both the tools and the mind-set required to keep your systems compliant.