Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC is the integration of activities that enable organisations to manage risk effectively, prepare for uncertainty and act with integrity.

The problems we solve

We help customers improve GRC effectiveness with the three lines of the defence model - first line of defence: business operations management; the second line: risk management, GRC security, and legal; and the third line: internal audits.


Integrate the management
of risk

We help customers improve ownership of business risk and put in place the governance structures, processes, operating models, skilled resources and tools to manage risk effectively. This includes building an internal control environment to manage business risks in the most efficient way possible.


Improve risk visibility & predictability

We enable our customers to get a much tighter grip of the risks and compliance gaps across their enterprise, by improving monitoring and reporting. We then help them develop more sophisticated approaches for foreseeing risks on the horizon and mitigating them with advanced automation.


Maximising the technologies that enable GRC

The matrix of systems and tools used to manage GRC has grown in complexity and choice. Working with the SAP GRC suite as the core, we help customers get the most out of their existing applications while advising on future investments - through pilots, architecture design, implementations, integrations, upgrades and enhancements.

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Benefits of working with us


Improved risk & compliance position

By working with us you'll improve your visibility of risk, while gaining a real-time understanding of your compliance status - and have the tools and processes to address key issues.

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Embedded risk management in your business

We'll ensure you embed GRC programmes at all levels of your business - so everyone is clear about their roles and responsibilities, along with a governance framework to keep it all together.

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Optimised GRC operations & processes

We'll help you develop an integrated and centralised approach to GRC, which makes the most of automation to ensure you reduce the cost of managing GRC while improving effectiveness and value. 

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Improved payback on GRC technology

Technologies such as SAP GRC can transform risk management in the right hands. We'll help you leverage technology to automate and standardise, establish a single version of the truth (in real-time) and deploy exception-based decision-making.
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We implemented an end-to-end GRC solution to support United Utilities in improving control.


We helped Swiss Re engage their wider business to proactively manage risk more effectively


We worked with SAB Miller to deliver an end-to-end SAP GRC solution to improve internal control efficiencies.

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GRC Solution Leader

Dean Platt

Dean is an SAP Security and GRC architect with over 15 years’ SAP experience. He is a subject matter expert across SAP Access Controls, Process Controls and Risk Management. Dean is SAP Security and GRC certified, regularly presents at SAP events and is a qualified SAP UK trainer.

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Based on our experience of successfully managing more than 500 GRC strategy and technology programmes, few are better placed than Turnkey to benchmark your level of GRC maturity against your peers. Our benchmarking study can be delivered remotely or onsite, and will assess 4 key areas:


People: Do you have the right access to the right skills to future-proof and safeguard your assets now and in the future.

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Processes: Do you have the right governance and business engagement to provide an effective defence for your business?

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Technology: Are you making the best use of available technology to enable you to more effectively manage threats, wherever they come from?

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Systems: Application security design, technical build standards, policy and procedures and how this overlaps with identity management.

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