The components of the SAP Enterprise GRC products are often seen as individual tools designed to address different aspects of an organisation’s governance, risk and compliance requirements in isolation. However, tightly integrating these component tools provide a comprehensive capability to manage the complete control environment, allowing organisations to have a consistent view of compliance and enabling the business to implement a single look and feel for all areas.

GRC 10.0

GRC 10.0 provides a single technology layer to unlock the benefits of GRC Access Controls, GRC Process Controls and GRC Risk Management.  In addition it supports the deployment of further add-on capabilities such as Global Trade Services or even the integrated Audit, Policy and SOx management functions to provide an even more holistic approach to enterprise risk across your organisation.

Enterprise GRC solutions allow you to engage throughout all levels of the organisation - from dashboards and key risk indicators at senior management level, to detailed SoD analytical reports accessed by system and security administrators. With a focus on automation and preventative controls, the GRC10.0 solution also encourages efficiency gains in these compliance processes throughout the organisation.


Our SAP Security and GRC specialists bring the benefits of their wealth of experience in auditing Enterprise systems and operating access management and business controls solutions across a number of industry sectors. We realise that different industry sectors have different risk drivers but that there are also synergies.

Working with your in-house teams, Turnkey Consulting leverages experience and deployment accelerators to define and implement the right processes, behaviours and supporting technology to effectively manage your business risks.

The end-result is an Enterprise GRC solution that:

  • Matches your individual organisation’s view of business risk
  • Reduces the operational costs of organisational risk management
  • Supports business ownership of risk
  • Incorporates appropriate access management controls
  • Facilitates automation in access management and continuous control monitoring
  • Focuses on exception reporting 
  • Supports your corporate risk management objectives
  • Meets the requirements of both internal and external audit


Turnkey Consulting understands the operational challenges you face in gaining and maintaining compliant status. In order to keep your solution compliant it is important to embed business risk ownership across your entire organisation and not just in the hands of individual security or compliance teams. Our approach focuses on business engagement throughout to ensure your business develops the tools and mind-set required to keep your systems controlled.

System access is rarely limited to SAP alone. We can assist you in developing an enterprise-wide view of segregation of duty risks by extending your Access Controls solution into non-SAP systems utilising Greenlight™. This provides a group-wide view of risk as well as system-wide SoD violations for an individual.

We can also provide a more granular approach to Continuous Transaction Monitoring by extending your process controls implementation. This will identify further risks to your business such as unusual or suspicious transactions, duplicate vendors or duplicate payments. By integrating Oversight™ with your SAP GRC solution you can further automate operational monitoring of your transactions and master data.

Our technical expertise in SAP GRC, SAP Security and SAP Auditing is reflected in our approach to implementing the available tools. We combine this with a strong understanding of business process controls and operational challenges to ensure you find the right balance between giving staff the access they need to do their jobs and closing the real security gaps that put your business at risk.