Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) is about how organisations put the required governance processes in place to manage risks and become compliant with relevant internal and external regulations.

The implementation of an effective GRC strategy aims to integrate systems, processes and controls using common values and a culture of transparency and responsibility, whilst at the same time striving to improve both performance and efficiency. GRC has become an approach to business and, ultimately, is about the integrity of the organisation itself.


At Turnkey Consulting we understand that optimising your SAP GRC solution to improve business performance, whilst retaining the relevant level of risk management and control, can be a difficult objective to achieve.

Getting the most out of your SAP GRC solution is a common challenge for companies of any size and complexity, and the recommended approach will undoubtedly vary from one organisation to another. Our experienced consultants  provide you with assurance that the inherent risks around a SAP GRC system are being appropriately covered, and the GRC processes have been fully integrated into the business.

Whether your SAP GRC solution is limited to user access management processes using SAP GRC Access Control, or includes the wider realm of controls management and automation using SAP GRC Process Control, we will conduct a thorough review covering:

  • Completeness and accuracy of Segregation of Duties/Sensitive Access ruleset
  • Use of mitigating controls and how they are managed
  • Integration of GRC Access Controls into user access management processes (standard and emergency access)
  • Completeness and accuracy of automated monitoring framework
  • Integration of GRC Process Controls into controls management processes
  • Security and controls embedded into SAP GRC systems (i.e. change management, security parameters, appropriateness of access etc)

Our service does not stop at merely identifying problems, as we also provide tailored recommendations which are both effective and pragmatic in reducing risks within your SAP GRC solution whilst striving to improve performance.

Using our extensive audit, controls and GRC implementation experience, our consultants are able to provide a deeper level of insight which comes from a thorough understanding of an effective GRC solution.