Having a single, consolidated strategy for SAP security can be extremely challenging, particularly for organisations with a large, complex SAP landscape.  Design differences may stem from:

  • Organisational change, e.g. growth through acquisition which has meant there are different solutions in place
  • Control requirements which vary from one business unit to another, and which are not applied consistently
  • Lack of control over design changes over time, resulting in a haphazard approach to design and build

As the control environment becomes ever more complex to manage, with an increase in external threats and an ever-growing risk of internal threats such as fraud, organisations are developing a more strategic approach to SAP security and controls and attempting to integrate this into a broader IT security or GRC strategy.


At Turnkey Consulting, we work with our clients to develop a long-term view of security and controls that takes into account not only the technical solution but also the processes, organisation and governance required to support a sustainable strategy. 

We will help to develop your SAP security and controls roadmap, including the introduction of, or enhancement to, SAP GRC or other SoD tools. We will evaluate your organisation’s security against our own security and industry benchmarks to assess your current position and use this information, alongside industry best practices, to assist in developing a roadmap that aligns with the wider IT and business strategies. 


Our consulting team can provide you with insights into the future direction of SAP security and GRC, and how to integrate the tools and technology with other products that you may be using.   Incorporating our audit experience into your roadmap and strategy will ensure that you have a robust solution that addresses potential audit concerns.

Turnkey also offers quality assurance services, providing an independent assessment of your proposed roadmap with a focus on identifying any gaps or potential opportunities for improvement.