Organisations are continually assessing and implementing upgrades to their business applications. Security improvements are delivered alongside software updates and it is important to consider the impact to your security design when performing any upgrade or migration. Often the first issues reported are badged as authorisation relevant, so it is important that security is factored into testing from the perspective of operations  and to ensure your application controls remain effective.

There are a number of new products being released to the market in the Security and GRC space, such as SAP’s own GRC 10.0 product. The business case is growing to invest in these new technologies to increase efficiency throughout your control environment rather than to simply meet audit requirements.


At Turnkey Consulting we have significant experience in upgrading and migrating GRC and Security solutions for enterprise systems. We are world leaders in our field and work with key software vendors to influence how Security and GRC products evolve to meet business needs.

We understand both the operational challenges in performing upgrades and migrations and can advise on the most appropriate tools available to support your project.

Our background and experience means we are ideally placed to guide you through the technical upgrade and migration roadmap, ensuring you have the organisation in place to realise the wider benefits that GRC can bring.

The end-result is an upgraded solution that:

  • Aligns with your organisation’s view of business risk
  • Increases the operational integrity of your landscape
  • Delivers a smooth transition to your support teams
  • Ensures existing access management controls are maintained or improved
  • Successfully migrates your existing data whilst protecting its contents
  • Meets the requirements of both internal and external audit


Turnkey Consulting recognises that in order to ensure that your solution remains compliant it is important to have an operational and controls focus throughout these activities.Business value must be delivered but not at the cost of compliance.

Our approach to implementing the various tools available reflects our technical expertise in SAP GRC, SAP Security and SAP Auditing. We combine this with a strong understanding of business process controls and operational challenges to help your company find the right solution and unlock the benefits that an upgrade should bring.